Testimony From Our New Year's Day Tabernacle Of Prayer

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"I sent in my prayer request and was specific.  I believed God would stop the wage garnishment for my student loan as I had applied for consolidation.  The company I was making payments to submitted for wage garnishment despite my informing them of consolidation being accepted and payments scheduled to begin early 2015.

"The company had taken 3 payments from my check already.  New Year's Eve I received a letter from my HR department simply stating "we received documentation regarding student loan and garnishment" and to call them.

"I called at 11:39 AM on January 2nd, the young lady, Katlyn, that answered asked me to hold a minute; she came back and said "we received a letter stating the garnishment has been cancelled and money will no longer be taken out so it should show on your next check."

“Praise God, my prayer has already been answered and my seed ($50) returned - the garnishment was for $386/month; my payment with consolidation is $97/month.”   M.W., MI