Three Things You Should Know About Gift Cards

Written by Harold Herring.

{socialbuttons}Who’s the biggest fan of gift cards for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas?

If you guessed your spouse, children, grandchildren, co-workers, friends or business associates … you’d be wrong.

They may like them but the number one fan of gift cards is the retailers who sell them to you.

Holiday Gift Cards

Written by Harold Herring.

{socialbuttons}Are gift cards on your Christmas list? If so, here’s some information that you ought to know. . .before heading to the mall.

The National Retail Federation’s estimates that over $26 billion…that’s billion with a capital “B” will be spent on gift cards this holiday season. Yes, over $26 billion dollars with be spend on gift card this year even though over $8 billion dollars in gift cards purchased in 2006 have never been used.

Why do you think most people buy gift cards? Because it’s easy.

A Guide to Holiday Shopping

Written by Harold Herring.

{socialbuttons}Set a Holiday Budget – A recent survey found that 44% of Americans don’t set holiday spending budgets and, of those that do, 12% expect to exceed it.

Establish your budget before you head to the stores; decide for whom you’re going to buy and assign a dollar amount to each person. Keep the list you create with you when you shop and stick to it. A little planning beforehand will help you keep your financial wits about you.

7 Things To Think About Before Shopping After Thanksgiving

Written by Harold Herring.

{socialbuttons}There are way too many believers in trouble because they’ve been shopping at Bed, Bath and Beyond Their Means. Here are 7 ways you can help yourself financially in the coming shopping season:

1. Reality Check: Get out your most recent credit card bills before you go shopping. Figure up how much you’ve paid in interest this year. You may also do the same with department store cards, as well as car and personal loans. Now plan your shopping list.

12 Festive But Frugal Gifts To Give This Christmas

Written by Harold Herring.

{socialbuttons}For most people this Christmas. . .gift giving may come as a challenge. Many people are facing harsh economic realities not of their own making or choosing.

But when it comes to Christmas, a desire to give good and often expensive gifts can tug on your emotional heartstrings making it tempting to unwisely increase your debt load.

Play now. . .pay later. . .is no longer an option.

Here are a dozen plus gift ideas that are either inexpensive or home-made.

12 Days AFTER Christmas

Written by Harold Herring.

{socialbuttons}You’ve heard of the 12 Days Before Christmas… well let’s end this very serious year on a comic note by looking at how we used to spend the Christmas holidays … before we “wised up” and “grew up” in the Lord.

1. December 25th. . .the day you’ve waited for. . .to see the smiles on the faces of those you love as they open your Christmas gifts. As your kids open every present in record speed, they look at you as if singing the lyrics of the song, “Is that all there is?” and you’re wondering the same thing but in a whole different way.

2. December 26th. . .you take back things you were given for Christmas that either: don’t fit, you don’t like or you don’t want. As your car nudges 20 feet in 20 minutes in mall traffic ... you vow to never do this again.

3. December 27th. . .your memory of yesterday is gone and you’re back at the mall again for “After Christmas Sales” now in full-swing. The deal was so good you couldn’t pass it up. . . “God must have given you favor” because the credit card representative at the department store agreed to extend your credit limit.