7 Things That Are True Regardless Of What They Say

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I’m fed up with people. . .unbelievers. . .even God-fearing. . .tongue-talking people who, with a certain degree of religious snobbery, say with seeming authority that rich people can’t be happy or go to the heaven.

The basic premise of these negative, self-postulating, unscriptural people is that if you have money. . .you’re going to change and become some sort of greedy, immoral deviant who is overcome with anxieties, sinful desires (booze, drugs and sex), long hours on the job that will decimate your family and that being rich means you’re obviously trapped in an unhappy existence.

Excuse me. . .but that’s just crazy.  Let’s look at some scriptural facts based on the entire counsel of God’s word. . .and not scriptures taken out of context.

1.         Wealth Is A Gift From God not the devil.

2.         Money Doesn’t Change Your Character. . .It Just Magnifies The One  You’ve Already Got.

3.         Being rich doesn’t automatically mean you’re greedy.

4.         Wealth Is Not A Reason Families Break-up.

5.         Money doesn’t cause you to live an anxious, pressure-packed and over- worked life.

6.         Being rich doesn’t mean you’ll become a whore monger, drunk and basic degenerate.

7.         Wealth won’t cause you to lose all your spiritual training.

The Bible is full of believers who were rich and blessed. Our website: www.haroldherring.com has hundreds of blogs that contain much more scripture than I can possibly put here.  Read them and enjoy knowing God wants you living an abundant life!