Weapons That Will Defeat ISIS

Written by Harold Herring.

Sadly but justifiably, the news is filled with talk about the threat of ISIS. . .we should be concerned and praying for our leaders to take a firm, victorious stand against these Islamic extremists.

I was recently reminded by the Lord that you and I have immediate and continual access to weapons that are stronger and more effective than any WMD (weapon of mass destruction) or the vest of a suicide bomber.

The Lord also reminded me that we already have a coalition in place to defeat ISIS and every other enemy the devil sends our way.  The will power of our coalition does come and go. . .it’s constant. . .never-changing. . .always available  and powerful.

Our coalition consists of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost and our battle plan for victory is found in the Word of God.

This Word not only prepares us for. . .but protects us in battle. . through every attack of any enemy. . .natural or spiritual.


Written by Harold Herring.

When we hit the rewind button on a voice mail. . .it’s an effort to gain valuable information.

When you hit the rewind button in playing back our daily conference calls. . .it’s because there’s a word, phrase or thought that contains life-changing potential.

Typically, when we hit the rewind button. . .we’re looking for information, revelation or motivation.

2 Timothy 1:6 in the King James Version says:

“Wherefore I put thee in remembrance that thou stir up the gift of God, which is in thee by the putting on of my hands.”

Have you ever been in a desperate situation which looked hopeless. . .until God’s amazing grace intervened and things are miraculously changed?

Guess Who's Thinking About You

Written by Harold Herring.

When you go through any sort of trauma. . .sickness, loss of a job or even a loved one. . .you will inevitably meet someone who says “I’ve been thinking about you.”

This phrase is often uttered when caring people want to express their love and concern about your situation but they aren’t sure what else to say.

To have someone tell you they’ve been thinking about you in the midst of your personal challenge or adversity is always appreciated.

I’ve experienced this first hand this year.  I interact with many people on a daily basis. . .some of whom I’ve never met but who know about me . . .because of an article in a local newspaper about how I overcame breast cancer this year.

Notice I don’t refer to myself as a cancer survivor but as an overcomer.

7 Keys To Turning Poverty Into Prosperity

Written by Harold Herring.

Pastor Joel Osteen said:

“It's God's will for you to live in prosperity instead of poverty. It's God's will for you to pay your bills and not be in debt.”

As I was meditating on this quote. . .I felt stirred to share how to turn poverty into prosperity.

There are seven truths we must understand about poverty.

First, poverty is the devil’s anointing.

Second, poverty happens inside you before it ever happens around you.

Third, poverty will not keep you out of heaven but it may keep others out.

Let The Umpire Make The Call

Written by Harold Herring.

Have you ever said “I’ve had it. . .that’s enough. . .I can’t take this anymore?”

Perhaps you were referring to an ungodly and/or unqualified supervisor.

Was your exasperation directed at a family member who seems to be in one crisis after another. . .constantly making wrong decisions?

Is your frustration over a seemingly never ending flood of bills coming into your mailbox?

How do people respond to these troubling scenarios?

Actually, one of three ways:

First, you get in the flesh. . .and say or do things. . .you wish you hadn’t.  However, once the cat is out of the bag. . .it’s tough getting it back in.

7 Qualities For Effective Kingdom Service

Written by Harold Herring.

Have you ever talked with a job recruiter?

While I've never had to utilize the services of a professional recruiter . .  . I do find what they look for in recruits to be fascinating.

Thirty plus years ago, I had my insurance company marketing offices in the same building as a staffing agency and I found their profiles interesting.

Have you ever wondered about God's profile for those who fit His criteria for Kingdom service? 

There are many possibilities but I'm only going to share seven keys to effective Kingdom service.

1.  Mentally alert.

If you want to be a leader in the Kingdom. . .then you must be mentally alert.

Prayer keeps you alert and focused on your purpose.

1 Peter 1:13 in the Amplified Bible says: