7 Facts About Ghosts

Written by Harold Herring.

Are you dealing with ghosts?  I’m not talking about the kind that comes out at Halloween or in some goofy Hollywood movie.

Popular culture is filled with talk of ghosts. . .even television programs like Ghost Whisperer and movies like Ghostbusters. . .which I understand is being updated.

This teaching isn’t about any of the foolishness currently the rage on cable TV. 

When I mention the word ghosts I’m speaking about something from the past (sin or otherwise) which you feel is real though it isn’t visible to you or anyone else.

It is not God’s intent for us to be haunted by memories of things gone by.

No matter. . .how inhumane, degrading, sickening or horrible your sins of the past were. . .God forgives them. . .all.

If we’re haunted by the memories of forgiven past sins. . .the battle is being played out in the our minds. . .by the enemy of our destiny.

If God Work You Up This Morning

Written by Harold Herring.

Have you ever felt like giving up?  It just seemed like things weren’t working out the way you wanted them to because of something someone did or said. . .or didn’t do.

Perhaps you did something you regretted and you feel like you just can’t get things right. . .that a solution to the situation seems impossible.

Truthfully, you might even feel like. . .God has forgotten your address.

Fret not, God knows everything about you. . .even the number of hairs on your head or in my case, my beard. . .and here’s some great news from the Word of God. . .your impossibilities are about to become possibilities.

I’m going to make a statement. . .and I want you to get it deep down inside of you.  In fact, I’m going to repeat it four times.

If God woke you up this morning…He’s not through with you yet.

Have You Heard This One?

Written by Harold Herring.

Have you ever wondered why you aren’t accomplishing more?

When we begin to think back about why we didn't do this …  or why that didn't work, the very first thought our flesh will usually come up with is an excuse.... all we need to do is begin making excuses and the devil is ever ready to jump in and help us out.

Don’t give him the satisfaction.

Hebrews 12:12-13 in the Message Bible really stirred my spirit when I read it.  The verses say:

“So don't sit around on your hands! No more dragging your feet! Clear the path for long-distance runners so no one will trip and fall, so no one will step in a hole and sprain an ankle. Help each other out. And run for it!”

What would make people sit on their hands and drag their feet. . .it happens when they make excuses.

The American Heritage Dictionary says that an excuse is “the act of justification.”

Previously Unknown Opportunities And Unused Potential

Written by Harold Herring.

Perhaps our biggest regret is not for things we have done but rather for the things we’ve failed to do. . .or didn’t even try.

Harriet Beecher Stowe, the author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin once said:

“The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone.”

The Lord keeps directing me to talk about discovering previously unknown opportunities and tapping into previously unused potential.

There’s a reason why God wants us tapping into what we’ve never utilized or maximized.

God created us. . .He knows the potential living within us. . .He knows what we’re capable of. . .He knows the destiny awaiting us. . .if we seize the moment.

God also knows the best way to experience previously unknown opportunities is to expect them.

It Fell Out Of Your Pocket

Written by Harold Herring.

A man who made his yearly visit to the church began to get worried as the offering plate began to circulate through the room. He fidgeted and fumbled and finally took a dollar bill out of his pocket.

Just before the offering plate passed by he was tapped on the shoulder by the man behind him. The man leaned forward and handed him a $20 bill.

Figuring it was the custom of the church he happily threw in the $20 bill. He turned and thanked the man for such a kind gesture.

The man behind replied, “You are so welcome, it fell out of your pocket!”

I love that story.

If you are ever tempted to hold back your giving. . .remember the promises that God gives to those who faithfully and cheerfully give.

There's Nobody Like You

Written by Harold Herring.

I’ve often said that. . .

I’m not Kenneth Copeland. . .though I have great admiration for him.

I’m not Creflo Dollar. . .though I recognize his powerful anointing.

I’m not Jesse DuPlantis. . .though I do have a pretty good sense of humor.

I’m not Joel Osteen. . .thought I one of the most positive people you’ll ever meet.

I’m not Dr. Mike Murdock. . .though I am wise through the wisdom of the Word.

I’m not Brother John Avanzini. . .though I’m anointed to teach people how to live debt free.

I’m not any of these men. . .nor do I want to be. . .I just want to be me and a better me every day.