Please Join Us In Prayer

Written by Harold Herring.

(Prayer from this morning’s Rich Thoughts For Breakfast conference call for those affected by the terrorist attack in Boston.  Please join us in the prayer of agreement…today and in the days to come.  Blessings, Harold)

Who's Causing All The Trouble?

Written by Harold Herring.

There is one thing you can know with absolute certainty.

Behind every evil activity on planet earth. . .there is a single mastermind, Satan. . .the devil. . .the enemy. . .old slewfoot. . .the thief. . .the dude with the pitchfork. . .the one who’s going to live eternity in hell!

Regardless of what you call him. . .the devil is behind all and I do mean ALL the troubles of this world . . .terrorism. . .wars. . .crimes. . .murders. . .thefts. . .greed and deceitfulness just to name a few.

In Ephesians 2:2 CEV Paul is addressing those who found Christ and explains the devil’s role in their past and the influence he can still have on those who don’t obey God:

“You followed the ways of this world and obeyed the devil. He rules the world, and his spirit has power over everyone who doesn't obey God.”

7 Steps To Become A Kingdom Conqueror And A World Overcomer

Written by Harold Herring.

I have always been intrigued by Romans 8:37 which says:

“Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.”

I decided to look up conqueror in the Strong’s Concordance.  It’s the Greek word hypernikaō(G5245) and it means:

“to be more than a conqueror, to gain a surpassing victory.”

I noticed that conqueror comes from the root word nikaō (knee cow o) (G3528) which is translated 24 out of 28 times as overcome.  So it became obvious to me that in order to become a Kingdom Conqueror you must first be a World Overcomer.

What does the Word have to say about being an Overcomer?

Keep Your Relationship Alive, Alert, And Responsive

The Lord dropped this sentence in my spirit:  “Marriage is very similar to a relationship with Me.”

As I was meditating on this sentence, three keys came to me:

1.      When you meet your spouse to be …it’s the beginning of a new and exciting adventure...  like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.  You can’t get enough of this other person … you hang on their every word and you are anxious to know all you can about them.

2.      After the courtship and wedding you settled down but all of a sudden … life happens.  The circumstances you face will either pull together or pull you apart.  You decide.

7 Ways Honor Brings You Immediate Access

Written by Harold Herring.

Have you ever wanted to meet someone famous. . .but you didn’t have a backstage pass?

Have you wanted to talk with a highly successful person. . .but you didn’t have immediate access?

You may not have access to the stars of politics, business, sports or entertainment . . .but you do have immediate and unlimited access to the wisest, most successful person you’ll ever meet?  Our great God Jehovah.

We gained the right to immediate access to God through the blood of Jesus shed on Calvary’s cross.

We have access to God and the Holy Spirit 24/7.  Any time. . .any place. . .for as long as you desire to be in His presence.

35 Ways To Earn Extra Income

Written by Harold Herring.

If you’re coming out of debt or if you just need more money, then you need to consider picking up a new avenue of revenue.  It may not be convenient or easy but when you need money, then you have to do what’s necessary.  Who knows, you might even have some fun doing it.

Here’s a list of 35 ways to increase your income.