7 Ways To Guarantee Financial Failure Or Overcome It

Written by Harold Herring.

When God gave me the title and points for this teaching. . .my first reaction was to say. . .REALLY

I’m being truthful. . .I’ve taught on each of these seven ways to guarantee financial failure before. . .some more than once.

As I was wondering why. . .God very clearly spoke into my spirit and said, “Teach it until my children get it.”

Immediately He brought Philippians 3:1 in the Amplified Bible to my remembrance.

7 Things To Do If You Lose Your Job Or Want A Better One

Written by Harold Herring.

If you ask a question with a faulty premise. . .you will never get an accurate answer.

For instance, someone recently asked me:  “Why did God allow me to lose my job?”

The faulty assumption is that somehow its Gods fault because they’re now unemployed.

After several probing questions. . .I discovered this person didn’t praise God for the job they had. . .in fact, they complained about the job which meant, they weren’t asking God to protect their job because they didn’t like it.

Why Does God Want You Successful?

Written by Harold Herring.

There is absolutely no doubt that God wants you manifesting Biblical success in your life.

It’s important to understand the significance of Biblical success . . .that’s where you and everyone around recognizes that God makes you successful.

Deuteronomy 30:9 in the New Century Version says:

“The Lord your God will make you successful in everything you do. You will have many children, your cattle will have many calves, and your fields will produce good crops, because the Lord will again be happy with you, just as he was with your ancestors.”

7 Things Old People Should Never Have To Do

Written by Harold Herring.

My father-in-love, Fred Classon, who transitioned to heaven about three years ago. . .at the age of 91 was fond of saying.

“No one ever told me getting old was going to be like this.”

Probably twenty years ago, I read a survey about what would happen on the average to a group of 100 people reaching age 65.

* 1 would be wealthy

* 4 would have enough money for retirement

7 Keys To Entering God's Circle Of Blessing

Written by Harold Herring.

If you win the Kentucky Derby, you and your horse are invited into the winner’s circle.

If you win any NASCAR race you are then allowed to drive your car into the Winner’s Circle.

Many corporations and network marketing companies often call their rewards and recognition program for those who achieve certain goals. . .the Winner’s Circle.

Psalm 25:8-13 in The Living Bible says:

7 Things About Your Past To Assure You A Prosperous Future

Written by Harold Herring.

I’m going to say eighteen words. . .if you get nothing else from this teaching but those eighteen words. . .your life will never be the same.

When I say “get it”. . .I mean. . .”get it”. . .deep down inside. . .so that no circumstance or problem can ever cause you to forget this powerful truth. . .even in the heat of battle.

Are you ready?  I want you to say it out loud with me.  Ready?