Top 10 - A Step of Faith Requires ...

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10. A step of faith requires us to look beyond our circumstances.

  9. If you have God…you lack nothing. If you don’t have God…you lack everything.  

  8.  Never be moved by your circumstances or the opinions of others...base your decisions on the Word of God and nothing else.

  7.  Never let what you can’t do…keep you from doing what you can do…today.

  6.  Seek the wisdom of God because it allows you to see everything from His perspective.

Here are the Top 5 Rich Thoughts Nuggets of the week.

  5.  The biggest mistake we could ever make is to look to others for the answers we seek...instead of looking to God first.

  4.  You may be traveling through enemy territory, but God is bringing you into a fresh place where you will LACK FOR NOTHING.

  3.  God is not going to open a door for failure in our lives. We might, but He won’t.

  2.  I'm more interested in the things I can't see than the things I can see.

 # 1 Rich Thoughts Nugget you selected is:

  1.  Up early praying...if you want your name called out before the Lord this morning...say "pray for me." (Posted on Facebook and nearly 300 responded.) Blessed.