God Loves You Even On Your Bad Days

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Have you had a bad day. . .or maybe even a bad day or two or three this past week?

Do you feel like nothing is going right?

Are things that you thought not manifesting as you had planned them?

Are other people raining on your parade or plans?

Are you taking your lack of success (financial or otherwise) personally?

Does it feel like nobody cares about what’s happening in your life?

If you get nothing else from what we’re going to say in this teaching. . .let this next sentence get deep down in your mind and in your spirit.

7 "G" Forces To Overcome For Victorious Living

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A couple of weeks back we taught “7 Threats To Your Success” on one of our Rich Thoughts for Breakfast calls.

The fourth threat in the teaching is:  “Ghosts, gorillas, gremlins and goblins from your past.”

From the moment the words came out of my spirit and onto the Word document. . .I knew it should be a SUNDAY NITE LIVE teaching.

I didn’t try to overanalyze . . . I just wrote down the seven G’s that we have to overcome to walk in victory. . .over our past.

7 Keys To Being An Effective Listener

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Did you realize the letters which form the word LISTEN also create the word SILENT?

Do think there’s a reason why God gave us two ears and one mouth?  It’s been recommended that perhaps we should listen twice as much as we talk.

It’s rude and disrespectful to interrupt someone when they’re speaking?

There’s a difference between hearing and listening?

Did you know that the scripture gives us “7 Keys To Being An Effective Listener?”

7 Things Winners Think About

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Have you ever wondered what winners think about?

Here are seven things that winners...people just like you...think about it.

1.         Wisdom

One of the favorite scriptures of my wisdom mentor and dear friend Dr. Mike Murdock is Proverbs 4:7 which in the Amplified Bible says:

“The beginning of Wisdom is: get Wisdom (skillful and godly Wisdom)! [For skillful and godly Wisdom is the principal thing.] And with all you have gotten, get understanding (discernment, comprehension, and interpretation).”

If you want to be a winner in life you need an insatiable hunger for wisdom.

16 Proverbial Reasons Not To Be Lazy

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“Tomorrow is the only day in the year that appeals to a lazy man.”  Jimmy Lyons

I don’t have a clue which Jimmy Lyons this might be but Google brought up only one and he is a singer by trade.  Regardless, this observation is powerful.

As I re-read his quote I was prompted by the Holy Ghost to see what Proverbs has to say about being lazy.

There are 16 verses in several different translations that speak directly and often forcefully about the consequences of being lazy.

7 Reasons Not To Take Their Word For It

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Over the years, I have. . .sadly. . .had a large number of people talk to me. . .with tears in their eyes. . .about how they lost everything they owned because of bad advice from well-meaning friends and family members.

Couples who got in on the ground floor of a ‘can’t miss’. . .explosive money-making opportunity. . .at the urging of a family member or friend. . .only to watch the company go belly up. . .and their money disappear faster than an ice cube on a hot summer’s day.

Dreamers who were robbed of their dreams by the doubts of someone who’s biggest decision is whether to have next Saturday’s breakfast at iHop or Cracker Barrel. 

Listening to the wrong people. . .give unwise advice.

I could go on. . .with other sad stories I’ve heard. . .but let’s move on with seven reasons not to take their word for it.

15 Reasons July 4th Isn't Just Another Holiday

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July 4th is not just another holiday.

It's much more than a trip to the beach, lake or pool.  It's much more than a picnic in the park or backyard.  This holiday is more than oohing and awing at fireworks displays.

July 4th is about freedom and liberty won and maintained through great personal sacrifice, commitment and faith.

Our independence was won by those who were willing to pay the ultimate price to that you and I could enjoy a holiday such as this.

I feel led to share with you 15 interesting, inspiring and sometimes humorous things about July 4th, our Day of Independence.

7 Wealth-Accumulating Verses In Deuteronomy 8

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From time to time. . .sadly, we read about sins of pastors, priests and members of the clergy.  While not minimizing these sins. . .as they are intolerable and indefensible but fortunately not unforgiveable.  The occurrence is infrequent . . .unless you believe everything you read and hear in the news media. . .which I encourage you not to do.

While I would never minimize the emotional toll of such abuse. . .it is. . .in my opinion not the greatest sin in the church today.  There is a great sin. . .that is widespread. . .almost epidemic. . .touching almost every home.

I call it “blessing abuse” or the sin of ingratitude.  When we forget who brought us to the dance. . .when we forget who has delivered us out of trouble. . .time after time. . .who has answered our prayers and blessed us daily. . .who healed our bodies. . .lifted us up when we thought we were sinking.

We have abused the blessings that God has given us by a lack of appreciation, recognition or a forgetful memory.

7 Truths About Biblical Prosperity

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The Bible is an instruction manual for success. . .revealing how to walk in God’s blessing flow and experience the good life He envisions for us.  It’s all in the Word.

God’s instructions are not situational. . .they don’t vary based on current economic conditions, which party is in power, your personal circumstances or  unrest anywhere in the world.  The principles in his Word are clear and absolute.  This is important to know … now more then ever.

If you want to experience God’s power. . .you must know His Word.

Matthew 22:29 is so powerful that I’m going to read it to you in four translations because if you get nothing else but this scripture then this teaching would have accomplished its purpose.

Matthew 22:29 in the King James Version says:

7 Reasons To Avoid The Influence Of The World System

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In our pressurized lifestyle. . .too many believers are seeking the easy way out by  buying into the world system.

In short, they’re doing what everybody else is doing. . .or at least. . .most everybody else. . .but now an ever increasing number of believers are tapping into the wisdom of the ages found in God’s Word.

Unfortunately, way too many believers follow the “wisdom” of the world when it comes to their personal finances as opposed to following the instructions found in the Word of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

People. . .even born-again, Holy Spirit filled, church-going believers. . .tend to value the advice of their banker and financial planner more than they do their man or woman of God.

The Bible is not a book of exceptions, exemptions and excused behavior.  It is a book of absolutes.

The Bible says what it means and it means for you to obey without hesitation.

7 Ways To Maximize Your Creative Abilities

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I want to share with you two powerful, thought-provoking, destiny-shaping quotes before we get into this teaching.  Do yourself a favor don't skim these quotes or just glance at them. . .allow them to get deep inside of you.

"I want to challenge you today to get out of your comfort zone.  You have so much incredible potential on the inside.  God has put gifts and talents in you that you probably don't know anything about."  Pastor Joel Osteen

"Believe in yourself!  Have faith in your abilities!  Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy."  Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Here are seven ways to maximize your creative ability: