Who Would Be Your Pallbearers?

. .

Who’s in your inner circle?  Do you have really close friends?

Write down the characteristics which make you consider each one a close friend.

How do you decide with whom you will spend time?

Are your social interactions uplifting and character building for everyone involved?

What three characteristics do you possess that causes people to like you?  Write them down.

What would you like to improve in your personality that would make you more appealing to others?

For the next seven days, list the good deeds you do for others.

List the name of at least one person from each of the following places with whom you are acquainted, but have not taken the time to get to know yet: church, work, and your neighborhood.

If you were to die tomorrow, you would need eight pallbearers at your funeral.

Who are your eight closest friends? Are they friends who “bear you up” here in this life? How would you rate them? As their friend, how would you judge yourself in the following categories?

Name Spiritual Fruit Producer  Always Positive  Sometimes Positive  Never Positive

When you are with these eight friends, what or whom do you discuss?  Write down a space for eight names.  Then create columns for:  Bible, church, work, money, books, movies, people, politics, sports, ideas.

Once you’ve made your list. . .check off which of the topics you and your friends discuss.  Be candid in your observations. This is for your benefit … not anyone else’s.

Do these eight friends understand the principles of biblical economics?

Are they in debt? Do they have a plan to get out of debt?

Can they stand in agreement with you about getting out of debt?

Are their goals designed to take them to a new and better level in life?

Remember, it is difficult for someone to take you where they’ve never been.

Frankly, we should be more concerned about who’s bearing us up in prayer than we are with whom will take our body to its final resting place.