Why Steward Tips?

Pastors, why Steward Tips?  Access to 156 offeratory teaching outlines that really get the job done.

steward tipsLike all busy pastors, no doubt you sometimes find yourself brush­ing through your Bible at the last moment to find a verse or two for the offering.

Strange as it may seem, this important part of the service often receives only a fleeting thought in­stead of the depth of explanation your precious people need to enter the good life God has planned for them.

As your people begin to understand the purpose and prin­ciples of sowing and reaping, giving to God will cease to be a drudgery, and there will be more than enough in their houses, as well as in God's house.

steward tis img 2Let there be no mistake about it. God wants to bless His children. However, he also wants them to use a good share of the wealth He places into their hands to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to all of the world.
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