The Only Question That Really Matters - Outline

Written by Harold Herring on .

Here is the teaching outline for SUNDAY NITE LIVE.  Join us at 6 PM EST.

The only question. . .the only answer that mattered was whether or not, my accepting this offer would benefit the Kingdom of God.

Colossians 1:9 NIRV

That's why we have not stopped praying for you. We have been praying for you since the day we heard about you. We have been asking God to fill you with the knowledge of what he wants. We pray that he will give you spiritual wisdom and understanding.”

Colossians 1:9 in the Contemporary English Version says:

"For this reason we also, from the day we heard of it, have not ceased to pray and make [special] request for you, [asking] that you may be filled with the full (deep and clear) knowledge of His will in all spiritual wisdom [in comprehensive insight into the ways and purposes of God] and in understanding and discernment of spiritual things."

First, ignorance is simply...a lack of knowledge.

Someone once said, "what you don't know can't hurt you.”

Second, if you lack knowledge, it's your fault because knowledge is available.

Acts 17:30 NIV

“In the past God overlooked such ignorance, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent.”

James 4:17 says:

Therefore to him that knoweth how to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin.”

Third, God wants you to have knowledge.

Romans 1:13 says:

“Now I would not have you ignorant, brethren, that oftentimes I purposed to come unto you, (but was let hitherto,) that I might have some fruit among you also, even as among other Gentiles.”

According to Strong’s Concordance the word ignorance means:

“not knowing.”

Simply said, ignorance is not knowing the facts. And as I said at the beginning of this broadcast. . .stupid is knowing the facts but choosing not to do anything with or about that information and insight.

Benjamin Franklin said, “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.”

There is a cure for ignorance. . .get knowledge.

Fourth, making a decision without all the facts is ignorance.

Proverbs 18:13 says:

“He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him.”

Proverbs 18:13 NLT

“Spouting off before listening to the facts is both shameful and foolish.”

Here’s our translation of that verse.

It’s a sin to make a decision in ignorance when all the facts are available.”

Fifth, God wants ignorance silenced by a godly life.

1 Peter 2:15 KJV

“For so is the will of God, that with well doing ye may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men.”

Daniel 6:5 KJV

Finally these men said, "We will never find any basis for charges against this man Daniel unless it has something to do with the law of his God."

1 Corinthians 15:34 MSG

“Think straight. Awaken to the holiness of life. No more playing fast and loose with resurrection facts. Ignorance of God is a luxury you can't afford in times like these. Aren't you embarrassed that you've let this kind of thing go on as long as you have?”

Sixth, ignorance will separate you from the love of God.

Ephesians 4:18 NIV

“They are darkened in their understanding and separated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them due to the hardening of their hearts.”

1 Timothy 1:13 KJV

“Even though I was once a blasphemer and a persecutor and a violent man, I was shown mercy because I acted in ignorance and unbelief.”

Seventh, knowledge leads to wisdom.

Hosea 4:6 KJV

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for Me…. “

Knowledge is knowing and wisdom is putting the knowledge into practice to help you succeed.

James 1:5 AMPC

“If any of you is deficient in wisdom, let him ask of the giving God [Who gives] to everyone liberally and ungrudgingly, without reproaching or faultfinding, and it will be given him.”

Eighth, there is a significant financial reason why you shouldn’t be ignorant but walk in knowledge and wisdom.

Ecclesiastes 9:16 CEV

“So I decided that wisdom is better than strength. Yet if you are poor, no one pays any attention to you, no matter how smart you are.”

1 Kings 10:23 KJV

“So King Solomon became richer and wiser than any other king on earth.”

Proverbs 10:22 AMPC

The blessing of the Lord—it makes [truly] rich, and He adds no sorrow with it [neither does toiling increase it].”

Ecclesiastes 7:11-12 MSG

“Wisdom is better when it's paired with money, Especially if you get both while you're still living. Double protection: wisdom and wealth! Plus this bonus: Wisdom energizes its owner.”

The only question. . .the only answer that matters is whether or not, accepting any offer or opportunity would benefit the Kingdom of God.