One of the primary keys to success in life is. . .(drum roll sound). . .persistence.  We must learn to keep on keeping on until we cross the finish line.

Perseverance is in the New Testament 32 times and its most frequently translated as:

“patience; endurance; patient waiting”

The term literally means “remaining under” or standing firm despite opposition.

In life, we will face many challenges. . .and adversities.

Human nature will want you to rationalize that other people seem to have it easier than we do. . .and in some cases, that may be right but the truth is … a tree grows stronger when it has to resist the wind and that is true with us also.

But the Bible says that joy is based not on an absence of difficulty but learning to overcome adversity through our faith in the only One who can assure our success.

Booker T. Washington said:

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Are you going through a transition?

Perhaps you're going from one job to another or from having a job to being unemployed?

Does it seem that you're facing difficult problems without an answer seemingly in sight?

If so, this teaching is for you.

David was in a time of transition. . .He had been anointed by the Prophet Samuel to be King of Israel.

However, David was far from the throne.  He was living as an outcast on the run from King Saul and dwelling among his enemies, the Philistines.

Topping it all off, David’s mentor, the Prophet Samuel, died.

1 Samuel 25:1 says:

“Then Samuel died; and the Israelites gathered together and lamented for him, and buried him at his home in Ramah. And David arose and went down to the Wilderness of Paran.”

There was no closure for David.  He would never see the Prophet Samuel again in this lifetime either alive or ready for burial. He had only the Lord Himself for consolation.

This may sound familiar to you.  If you are not in a time of transition, you have surely experienced transition in the past.  It is never easy.

Words from Harold and Bev

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Harold Herring

Never let your circumstances define your destiny.  Rather create the circumstances that will assure your destiny.

bev yellow 200

Bev Herring

Never allow anyone other than God to determine your worth and value.