One of my favorite signs says:

“Good morning! I’ll be handling all your problems today. So relax and enjoy your day. Love, God. P.S. I love you.”

Someone once said:

“Do not face the day, until you have faced God in prayer.”

When you woke up this morning. . .did you expect this to be your best day ever?

What is your expectation for the day? Is it different than yesterday or the day before?

Do you have any expectation for today or are you just glad that you made it through another night?

Do you expect to feel better today than you did yesterday? And, more importantly, did you expect to feel better today?

Do you expect God to move in the lives of your loved ones?

Do you see it as a day filled with previously unknown opportunities where you can tap into previously unused potential?

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Would it surprise you to know that there is a difference between winning and being a winner?

You can win a contest. . .the lottery. . .an athletic event. . .a prize. . .but still not be a winner.

Winning is an occurrence. It’s something that happens today, this week, this year and then it’s gone.

In fact, if you study the history of people who won the lottery. . .you will discover few people were actually big winners in life. . .regardless of the mega millions they won by having a winning ticket.

Being a winner is a state of mind. . .regardless of what happens or the outcome of any particular contest or endeavor.

A winner is someone who recognizes they’re fighting for something noble. . . someone who refuses to quit. . . and who will never give up until they win or accomplish their goal or calling.

You and I were created to be winners in the game of life. Yet, we face an adversary who is dedicated to our defeat. However, God instructs us to fight the good fight of faith. . .because we’re more than conquerors. . .who can overcome every attack of the enemy.

As I was pondering this. . .I went to and looked up “good fight” and the first reference that pulled up was 1 Timothy 1:18 in the New International Version of the Bible:

“Timothy, my son, I give you this instruction in keeping with the prophecies once made about you, so that by following them you may fight the good fight.”

The word good is the Greek word kalos (G2570) which means:

Words from Harold and Bev

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Harold Herring

Never let your circumstances define your destiny.  Rather create the circumstances that will assure your destiny.

bev yellow 200

Bev Herring

Never allow anyone other than God to determine your worth and value.