7 Keys to Activating The Cyrus Anointing

7 Keys to Activating The Cyrus Anointing Front Cover
7 Keys to Activating The Cyrus Anointing Front Cover7 Keys to Activating The Cyrus Anointing Back Cover
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Do you have an entrepreneurial calling? Do you want to operate in the end-time Office of the Giver? In this insightful book Harold Herring reveals seven keys to activate the Cyrus Anointing if you desire to be a world-changer. Here are seven distinct keys to releasing the Cyrus Anointing: Key # 1—God Will Bless Those Who Honor His Presence, His House and His Word. Key # 2—God Will Anoint and Equip You. Key # 3—God Will Go Before You to Protect You and Defeat Your Enemies. Key # 4—God Will Give You Hidden Treasures and Secret Riches. Key # 5—God Created and Called You for a Specific Purpose. Key # 6—God Will Raise You Up and Guide Your Actions. Key # 7—God Will Restore What the Enemy Has Taken From You. The real question you have to ask yourself is this: What are you doing with what you have? It’s when you take what you have and you give it to God that He’s able to go into tomorrow and make provisions available for your next step. You will not regret immersing yourself in 7 Keys to Activating the Cyrus Anointing. This book will change your life, and you will change the lives of those around you.