7 Ideas To Make This A Christmas To Remember

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7 Ideas To Make This A Christmas To Remember

1.         Prioritize and decide how much you can (and should) actually spend.

Don’t start 2015 with bills you can’t pay.  If you’ve already spent too much…it’s not too late to take it back and find something less costly.  If you don’t…you may wish you did…come January when the bills come in.

2.         Create an environment where Christmas presents are opened one at a time. . .savoring each moment.  You spent money to create a memories. . .take time to enjoy them.  

3.         Write an email or note of appreciation to those who’ve been kind to you during the year or spoken into your life.  . Sometimes the best gifts are the least expensive.  

4.         Find a way to serve and help others. Take a gift or baked goodies to those who’ve lost loved ones in the past year or to those less fortunate.

Albert Schweitzer said:  "I don't know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found a way to serve."

5.         Put some humor in your holidays. Laugh a lot!  Have the children put on a Christmas play.  Play family games.  Rent a funny movie!   

6.         Create family memories….take photos….record your parents and/or grandparents telling stories about their favorite Christmases or memories with their children.       

7.         Live a "Christmas life," not just Christmas day.  Make Christmas every day…after all….it should be…Jesus is the reason for every season.