10 Questions To Accelerate Your 2016 Turn Around

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It's your year. . .it's your time.

A couple of weeks ago we shared ten questions to help accelerate your 2016 TurnAround. 

Several days ago I was stirred to share the questions again.  Frankly, I questioned the Lord by pointing out. . .as if He didn't know. . .that I had already shared the questions.

He then directed me to provide my answers as a way of encouraging others to answer the questions as well.

I want to assure you this isn't some meaningless exercise.  When you answer the ten questions. . .you will feel energized about your new year.

Here are the ten questions.

1.         What book(s) do you plan to read in the next thirty days?

            What book will you read first?

            What time have you set aside to read each day?

            The first book I’m reading in 2016 is “God Has Never Failed Me, But He’s Sure     Scared Me To Death A Few Times” by Stan Toler.

            The second book is “Today Is Your Day To Win” by Mike Brescia

            The third book is “The Power Of I Am” by Joel Osteen

            The fourth book is “Aha” by Kyle Idleman.

            Will I finish all four books in January. . .I plan to. . .but I won’t feel defeated if I       don’t.

            Remember, it’s not the number of books you read but what you get out of each    one you read.

2.         What CDs or DVDs do you plan to listen to or watch in the next thirty days? 

            Which one will be first?

            What specific time period have you set aside each day?

            The first CD series for January is entitled “God’s Word Within You” by Dr. Creflo   Dollar.  It’s a three CD series.

            The fourth CD is “Unlocking The Law Of Release” by Dr. Mike Murdock.

            I will spend a week on each CD. . .taking notes and maximizing my learning         experience.

3.         What is the # 1 goal you would like to accomplish in each of the six major    areas of your life in the next thirty days? (Spiritual, Family, Financial,         Physical, Mental and Social)

            Be specific.  It’s also important that you create a timeline for the successful             accomplishment of each goal.

            Let’s talk about the SMART method to assure that you meet all your goals next    year.  Here is one possible “acronym for SMART” as it relates to goal setting.


            You should be able to write you goal in one or two sentences.


            You should be able to tell how you are progressing toward fulfilling your goals.


            Don’t set your goals impossibly high.   Your goals should cause you to stretch but             always be attainable with prior proper planning.


            Your goals should be reasonable. . .pragmatic. . .sensible.

            Time Line

Regardless of whether your goals are daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. .     .you must have a time line to successfully achieve your goals.

            The best way for you to experience a miraculous turnaround in 2016 is to be         SMART about your future.

4.         Pick one habit you’d like to eliminate or create each week in January?

The most popular New Year’s resolutions are:  losing weight and get our finances in order.  Regardless, ponder the changes you will need to make to accomplish your goal.

            Determine what foods you’re going to stop eating and what foods you’re going to             start eating.  Are you adding more fruits, vegetables and health foods like wheat           grass to your diet?

            And by the way, don’t call it a diet. . .call it a lifestyle change.

            If you spend all four weeks in January creating and implementing a plan to lose    weight and get healthier then it would be worth your time.

Here’s another good habit. . .call your Mom and/or Dad each week just to check on them.  If you parents have passed or you have passed on them. . .pick a mentor or someone who has blessed you by their words and actions.

5.         Write down the name of one new person you meet each week in January.

            The only way to meet a new person each week is to show yourself friendly.           Take the first step.

            Make it your business to meet a new person at church each week or on the job.

6.         Name the personalized verses you plan to commit to memory each week   during January.

            My first scripture to personalize and memorize is Psalm 112:3.

            “Wealth and riches shall be in Harold and Bev’s house: and their righteousness    endureth forever.”

            In fact, that’s our primary scripture for 2016.

            The scripture for the second week is Psalm 32:8.

            “I [the Lord] will instruct Harold and teach him in the way he should go; I will          counsel Harold with My eye upon him.”

            The three scripture for January is I Peter 5:7 in the Amplified Bible which says:

            “Casting the whole of Harold's care [all his anxieties, all his worries, all his concerns, once and for all] on YOU, for YOU care for Harold affectionately and         care about him watchfully.”

            My scripture for the fourth week is Proverbs 18:22 in the World English Bible        says:

“When Harold found Bev he found a good thing and received favor from the Lord.”

            I will continue building on this list during the year.

7.         List something each week in January where God blessed, delivered or          turned things around for you.

            I’m sure you may have more than one each week.  I suggest you create a Blessing Journal for 2016.

            How does the old song go:

            Count your many blessings. . .name them one by one.

8.         Pick one friend each week in January with whom you want to strengthen      your relationship.

            This could be someone from your past. . .a friend, mentor and/or pastor who         spoke a word in season to you at just the time you needed it.

            It could be someone from high school or college.  It could even be a former boss or supervisor.

            Ask God to direct you to the right person.

9.         Conduct a 30-day cash survey and determine one area of spending where    you can re-direct your money in order to get out of debt more rapidly.

            Technology has made this exercise much easier. . .if you have an iPhone download the free app “Easy Spending Expense Tracker.”  If you have an Android phone. . .download the free app “Expense Tracker.”  If you don’t have a smart phone use a spiral ring notebook you can carry in your jacket or a purse.

Assign a category to each entry, such as, eating out.  If you’re married, both spouses should be a part of this process.  You know where the big money is going but you will be amazed at where the small money goes.  Once you know where your money is going then you can re-direct funds to your out of debt plan.

10.       Ask God to stir at least one creative idea each week during January.  Write out             what He gives you and praise Him for it.

            Just imagine one new idea each week. . .don’t judge your ideas by those of           anyone else.

Get what God has for you. . .and then act on it.

You might even consider answering these ten questions each month. . .just saying!