You're Special ... Because They Want Your Money

. .

You’re special AND that’s NOT just because you’re visiting the Debt Free Army website and reading this blog. You’re special because the Word of God says that you are.

Now I must admit I’m curious how many of you received a letter in your mailbox during the past week telling you how SPECIAL you are that you’ve been pre-approved, pre-qualified for that special low interest credit card.

Do you think credit card companies are sending you these credit card offers because they think you’re so SPECIAL. No, it’s because they want your money.

Keep this in mind when you’re reading all the flowery language in the credit card/debt solicitation.

What does the credit card application really mean when it says. . .When it says: "You have demonstrated financial responsibility..."
What it means: You're breathing!

When it says: "Our membership is difficult to obtain..."
What it means: Death row prisoners are not eligible... in most states!

When it says: "We have shortened the application process..."
What it means: "We need lots of new members fast b/c we want more money!"

When it says: "You have no predetermined credit limit..."
What it means: "We're not worried, we employ the Break Their Spirit collection agency."

When it says: "Exceptional Customer Service..."
What it means: Except when you need it!

When it says: "Trained customer representatives await your call..."
What it means: "Press one if you want to know your balance. Press 2 if you want to know your balance. Press three….you get the pix?

When it says: "To apply for membership, fill out this short form..."
What it means: You'll get the long form later after we check your credit record.

When it says: "You may direct us not to share this information with anyone else..."
What it means: "Catch us if you can!"

When it says: "We look forward to receiving your completed application..."
What it means: "We baited the hook, and we hope you’ll bite!"

When it says: "You've been pre-approved..."
What it means: "You've been pre-approved to be Rejected!" unless you qualify to make the minimum payment ."