The Excuse - It's The Credit Card Company's Fault

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Now this excuse is dumber than cat hair….no disrespect intended to our feline friends.

I had someone tell me once that they were on the verge of bankruptcy and it was the credit card company’s fault. She said, they were the ones sending all those pre-approved applications and she felt like they wanted her to keep charging. OH, PLEASE.

That’s like the father who called his daughter at college and asked why she was bouncing checks to which she replied, “Daddy, the bank has made a mistake, there has to be money in my account because I haven’t used all my checks yet.”

You may think that’s a joke but sadly it’s not. I know a man who had this same conversation with his ex-wife.

Here’s a revelation … credit card companies are not the blame for folks who max out their cards. Who’s responsible here? If credit cards are a temptation, don’t open the envelope. Shred it and throw it away … better still … go to under Free Tools and click on the link for OptOut and stop those credit card applications from coming into your house at all.

Yes, but Brother Harold, “I need that money to live on. I had an emergency or this or that.” Stop It! People who get into the habit of making excuses, are destined to live their life that way….going from one crisis to the next.

The reason folks don’t have money for emergencies is because of choices made previously. It’s time to start making the right choices. We must take responsibility for our own actions.

On Judgment Day, when we try to explain to Jesus why we couldn’t accomplish the things He called us to do in our life. . .I strongly suggest that no one says, “it was the credit card company’s fault!”