10 Ways To $ave Money Now

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“Make all you can, save all you can, give all you can.”These words by John Wesley, the great 19thcentury Methodist evangelist, are still true today. A dollar saved is a dollar made. Here are 10 key strategies for your personal out of debt program.

1. Can you hear me now? Restrict the use of your cell phone to business and emergencies. When making calls, block your number so it won’t show up in someone else’s caller ID when you don’t want someone to have your number. If you’re really serious about getting out of debt, ask your friends and family to call you on your home phone first. Cell phones are “habits”that quickly become “needs.”You can really use your home phone when you are at home and leave cell phone usage for times when you are gone.

2. Get rid of that ''500 mega-channel lineup on your cable TV. Switch to the basic service or cut it out all together. I realize you may be cutting out your favorite Christian network, but I assure you that God will talk directly to you and if you are like me, you have Christian DVDs and lots of CDs that you haven’t viewed or heard yet. Save money!

3. Home cooking is not only better it’s cheaper. Eating at home not only saves money but it promotes family time. If your schedule is such that you get home with no time to cook at home then order carry out. You will save on the drinks plus 15 to 20 percent on the tip.

4. Forget recreational shopping. If you’ve had a bad day. . .the absolute worst place for you to go is the mall. But if you must go. . .go get exactly what you are after and then leave. It’s God’s money. . .learn to be a better steward.

5. It never hurts to ask. When you go shopping, ask the merchant for a discount. Only he/she can say is “no.”My wife was buying a Christmas present for one of our daughters when she turned to the clerk and said, “I bet this is on sale just for today, right?”When the girl came back with the right size, she gave my wife a 25% off coupon. My wife was delighted!

6. Never buy new furniture.It is sold at a higher markup than almost any other consumer item . . . anywhere from 100 to 200%. Try want-ads, used furniture stores or wait for coupons or sales.

7. Save money on your checks. Checks that you order or re-order through your bank are significantly higher than those you can obtain through one of the discount catalogs or an office-supply warehouse. This could amount to a 40 to 50 percent savings.

8. There’s money in the Sunday paper. The best $1.50 you’ll ever spend on the weekend is on your local Sunday newspaper. On the average, coupons clipped from a local paper can save you $15-25 in the grocery store in addition to the ones you can use for fast food and restaurant trips. Organize your coupons by section and just clip the ones you already use so you’re not tempted to buy extras. Use coupons to save money not splurge on a new item.

9. Put money in your pocket by placing the clothes you no longer wear in a consignment shop (assuming they’re in good condition). The consignment store allows you to get money back on items you no longer want. If your treasures don’t sell after the consignment period, donate them to a local charity for the tax deduction.

10. Instead of going to the movies on the weekend, use the video store. If you really can’t wait to see a first-run, then go during the discounted time of day.