10 Ways Employees Steal

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If I were to ask if you ever stole from your employer you would probably say, “Absolutely not.” In fact, you might even get offended by the question. My purpose is not to offend you but to provoke you to good works.

How does a person steal from an employer?

1. Come to work five minutes late

2. 1st 20 minutes at coffee machine

3. Unnecessary trips to water cooler

4. Chatting with workers instead of taking care of business

5. Making lengthy personal phone calls

6. Running errands on company time

7. Stretching coffee breaks

8. Leaving early for lunch

9. Coming back late from lunch

10 .Leaving work five minutes early

Let me put this in a proper perspective.

If you come to work five minutes late, leave two minutes early for lunch and then leave five minutes early each day that would represent a total of twelve minutes. That’s 60 minutes or 1 hour per week or 52 hours a years which equals more than 1 ¼ weeks you’ve stolen from your employer and then you wonder. . .why you haven’t been promoted?

Five minutes here or there doesn’t seem like much until you consider the multiplied affect. Additionally, if you cause fellow employees to “steal time,” then you are contributing to their unfaithful stewardship.

Make a list of the ways in which you can be a better time steward for your employer.

Without a planned schedule for your day with a specific time frame to accomplish specific tasks you are stealing time from yourself and everyone else you associate with.

“It has been my observation that most people get ahead during the time others waste.”

Henry Ford