What Happens When You Stick Your Head In The Sand?

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The rising price of utilities and lack of work for those caught in the unusual winter weather is causing financial havoc in many working families. . .especially, those already under a load of debt.

Unfortunately, some families are feeling hopeless, helpless or sticking their head in the sand . . . praying their financial trouble will disappear.  The problem with having your head in the sand is what you’re leaving exposed for some creditor to kick.

Hear me now. . .with God’s help, the right financial attitude and  determination. . . you can turn your financial life around.  When you change your attitude about debt, wealth and success to what God’s Word says, then your behavior will change.

Here are six financial attitude changers that you need to grab ahold of and get deep down in your spirit and subconscious mind.

 1.    I don't do debt because it creates stress in every area of my life.

2.   It is wrong for me to spend money I do not have.

3.   There is always a way out — I will not stop until I find it.

4.   When I step out in faith, I unleash God's power in my life.

5   I trust God’s Word even when I do not understand how it can work.

6.    I’ll do the right thing even when I don't feel like it.

Today, get your head out of the sand….change your attitude and know God is with you every step of the way. He never designed you to live life buried under a mountain of debt.

All you need to start moving toward financial freedom is to believe God’s promises to help you with your new attitude.