You Are Making a Difference

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As this year is unfolding, we decided to give you a glimpse inside our ministry Triumphant Life Church and our worldwide outreach, The Debt Free Army.

We are continually surprised at what the Lord does in our lives and through the ministry. We love reaching people with hope. The Bible is full of hope and so we enjoy spreading it across the earth.

Each year there are certain ministries we support through contributions from the many amazing partners who have come along side of us over the past twenty years.

Some of our on-going yearly outreaches include television that reaches inside the Soviet Union with the gospel of Christ, Wycliffe Bible Translators who translate the Bible into furthermost areas and dialects of the globe and School of the Holy Spirit Seminars right here in the United States to name a few.

But when our friends, Peter and Joan Vaughn, came through town for their annual visit, sharing  their amazing stories from Indonesia, Miramar and other Asian providences as well as many of the countries throughout Africa, we just had to give you an inside glimpse of what You, a partner in God’s work through us, are doing to Make A Difference!

If you have not seen the video featured at the top of the email, be sure you see it!  Pastor Peter and Joan will bless you with how we are able to help.

Within the last year, they come across a pastor with 800 villages under his care. They spent months meeting with a few representatives from each village, showing them how to reach their village for Jesus.

They start schools, work with orphans but they come back yearly to load up with a life-saving water apparatus that is saving lives everywhere they go. Their first priority is to introduce this amazingly small plastic bag that hold a filter with the ability to purify the filthiest water up to 99.9%. It is reducing childhood diseases by 72% in villages where the water is now purified.

In the video clip we share, it explains how Pastor Peter and Joan not only bring life-saving drinking water to remote villages, but they also bring the water of the Word of God!  We believe you will find it amazing and uplifting.

Pastor Peter told us that the latest Debt Free Army gift will supply 5,000 people with pure drinking water for 10 years!  See what you are doing?!

At years’ end we often list the many outreaches we support yearly as well as several ways the Holy Spirit prompts us when natural disasters or other unexpected world events happen (for example the fires that destroyed Maui and the unexpected onslaught against Israel) but through this video we felt the Holy Spirit wanted you to see firsthand that as partners of our ministry, you are helping to change lives around the world!