7 Reasons Why You're A Genius

. .

You may be a genius and you don’t even know it.

While you may not qualify for membership in the Mensa Society whose members have an IQ of 130 and above. . .I believe you are a genius.

If you went to college. . .you may have had a similar experience to mine.  I had a history professor. . .with whom I had a great relationship …explain to me the honors associated with a college graduate.

I will always remember. . .he said:

“Some people graduate sum cum laude, some graduate magna cum laude or cum laude . . .but Harold, you’re going to graduate “thanks da Lawd.”

We both laughed but he spoke the truth.  For me, my college career was a necessary stop on the way to my political destiny.  However, all of that was “BJ” (Before Jesus.)

Your academic career like mine may have been less than stellar. . .but understand my definition of a genius is the same as Thomas Edison, who had an IQ of 140.  He said:

“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.”

If you’ve got inspiration. . .with motivation and are willing to put up with a lot of perspiration. . .then in my book. . .you’re a genius.

Genius is:

“an exceptional natural capacity of intellect; natural ability or capacity; distinctive character or spirit”

In light of that definition. . .allow me to share seven reasons why you’re a genius.

1.         Your DNA.

You are a child of the most high God. . .you are child of a King. . .you are the offspring of the Master of the Universe. . .you are the child of the Creator of heaven and earth and all it contains.

You were made in His image and after His likeness.

Genesis 1:26 says:

“And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. . .”

I don’t need an agent from CSI or NCIS to tell me that there is royal blood flowing through my veins.

I come from good earthly stock . . .my genealogy includes. . .Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. . . all multi-millionaires of their time.  My genealogy also includes:  Solomon, the wisest man of all times.

My status. . .my standing. . .my DNA is further confirmed through Galatians 3:29 which says:

“And if ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise.”

2.         Your Mind.

If you are a Christian . . . even an imperfect Christian and I haven’t met any other kind   . . you have the mind of Christ.

I’m not making this up to make you feel good.  It’s the Word and the scripture is found in 1 Corinthians 2:16:

“For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? but we have the mind of Christ.”         

There are way too many believers who sell themselves short because they feel they’re not smart enough.  That’s just not the case. . .if you believe the Word of God.

You have the mind of Christ and that makes you one of the smartest people around.  Now whether or not you choose to use that mind. . .is another question.

However, you can change your perspective. . .your mind. . .by changing the way you think.  This is confirmed in Romans 12:2 in the New Living Translation which says:

“Let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.”

My prayer is that the mind of Christ would function fully and freely within you every moment of every day.  Is that your prayer too?

3.         Your Common Sense

One of my favorite television shows features a genius who has no understanding of everyday living thought processes.

If you’re a genius but you lack to ability to understand and communicate with people who aren’t. . .your success in life will be limited.  See … you can wish you were something that you are not … but everyone has limitations. 

It’s what we do with who we are that matters most.

I happen to think people who demonstrate common sense on every level of life are in fact the real geniuses.

Common sense is defined by dictionary.com as:

“sound practical judgment that is independent of specialized knowledge, training”

What’s the origin of all wisdom and common sense?

Proverbs 2:6 in the Contemporary English Version says:

“All wisdom comes from the LORD, and so do common sense and understanding.”

God is no respecter of persons. . .what He gives to one. . .He gives to all. The difference is what we choose to do with what we have been given.

Proverbs 3:13 in the Contemporary English Version says:

“God blesses everyone who has wisdom and common sense.”

The scripture is clear. . .God expects us to use common sense.  Luke 12:57-59 in the Message Bible  says:

“You don’t have to be a genius to understand these things. Just use your common sense, the kind you’d use if, while being taken to court, you decided to settle up with your accuser on the way, knowing that if the case went to the judge you’d probably go to jail and pay every last penny of the fine. That’s the kind of decision I’m asking you to make.”

When we’re obedient to His direction. . .using common sense. . .we’re successful.

Proverbs 8:14 in the New Living Translation says:

“Common sense and success belong to me. Insight and strength are mine.”

4.         Your Inspiration

Do you have anybody in your life that inspires you. . .perhaps a parent, a teacher, coach, best friend or business associate?

I have discovered over the years that the people who inspire me. . .come into my life and sometimes they leave after a season.

Now let me point out there are some notable exceptions to that rule.  My fine wife, Bev, being number one. . .she always inspires me.  Grace, dignity, wisdom and spiritual balance. 

My parents have always been a source of inspiration.  . .to the extent they believe I can operate without limitation.

But others come and go. . .for instance, those of you in this room or watching the broadcast via internet. . .you inspire me. . .by your knowledge of the Word and your commitment to do what’s right before Him.  But, most of you I haven’t known very long.

However, I have had a constant source of inspiration. . .that’s never wavered. . .never comes and goes. . .He’s been rock steady. . .even before I made Him the Lord of my life.

John 1:14 AMP says:

“And the Word (Christ) became flesh (human, incarnate) and tabernacled (fixed His tent of flesh, lived awhile) among us ….”

2 Timothy 3:16-17 says:

“All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:  That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.”

The Word of God is my inspiration and encouragement to do what’s right in His sight.

Job 32:8 says:

“But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.”

My understanding and inspiration come from Him.

5.         Your Commitment

Make a commitment to serve the Lord your God.

1 Samuel 7:3 in God’s WORD Translation says:

“Samuel told the entire nation of Israel, “If you are returning to the Lord wholeheartedly, get rid of the foreign gods you have, including the statues of the goddess Astarte. Make a commitment to the Lord, and serve only him. Then he will rescue you from the Philistines.”

Some years ago, I heard the story of the chicken and the pig.  It seems a Pig and a Chicken are walking down the road.

The Chicken says, "Hey Pig, I was thinking we should open a restaurant!"

Pig replies, "Hmmm, maybe, what would we call it?"

The Chicken responds, "How about 'ham-n-eggs'?"

The Pig thinks for a moment and says, "No thanks. You only have to be involved … but I'd be totally committed!"

God wants us focused on and totally committed to the instructions in His Word.

Philippians 3:15-16 in the Message Bible says:

“So let's keep focused on that goal, those of us who want everything God has for us. If any of you have something else in mind, something less than total commitment, God will clear your blurred vision—you'll see it yet! Now that we're on the right track, let's stay on it.”

Make a commitment to fulfill the Great Commission.

Matthew 28:19-20 says:

“Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:  Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.”

The Great Commission is not the Great Suggestion. . .it’s a verse that demands our commitment.

2 Corinthians 9:13 in God’s WORD Translation says:

“You will honor God through this genuine act of service because of your commitment to spread the Good News of Christ and because of your generosity in sharing with them and everyone else.”

6.         Your Preparation

I personally think the greatest definition of genius was offered by Vince Lombardi, the legendary coach of the Green Bay Packers.

“Plan your work and work your plan.”

God likes it when you plan your work and work your plan of commitment to His Kingdom. 

Proverbs 21:5 in the New Living Translation says:

“Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity, but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty.” 

Through the scriptures we can see where planning and preparing is important to God. . . if it’s important to Him. . .it had better be important to us.

Joshua 7:13 in the New Living Translation says:

“Get up! Command the people to purify themselves in preparation for tomorrow. For this is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: Hidden among you, O Israel, are things set apart for the Lord. You will never defeat your enemies until you remove these things from among you.”

God instructed the children of Israel to purify themselves . . .in the King James Version He says sanctify yourselves.  According to the Strong’s Concordance the Hebrew word for sanctify means:

“to consecrate, sanctify, prepare, dedicate, be hallowed, be holy, be sanctified, be separate.”

Part of your daily preparation should be to sanctify yourself. . .consecrate and yes, prepare yourself for what lies ahead. 

Your preparation needs to be blended with expectation.

Joshua 3:5 says:

“For tomorrow, Jehovah will do wonders among you.”

One last thought, a part of preparation is planning.  Do you have a plan for what you will do tomorrow?

If you don’t have a plan for the day. . .the day will have a plan for you.

7.         Your Perspiration

We began this teaching with the Thomas Edison quote which bears repeating.

Thomas Edison said:

“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.”

But Thomas Edison also said:

“Being busy does not always mean real work. The object of all work is production or accomplishment and to either of these ends there must be forethought, system, planning, intelligence, and honest purpose, as well as perspiration. Seeming to do is not doing.”

Perspiration is defined by dictionary.com as:

“a salty, watery fluid secreted by the sweat glands of the skin, especially when very warm as a result of strenuous exertion; sweat.”

Genesis 3:19 says:

“In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.”

Sweat equity came into being as a result of the sins of Adam and Eve.

If you want to eat. . .to provide for your family. . .to succeed. . .you will need to sweat.

When you work hard. . .you perspire. . .when you’re under pressure. . .you sweat.

Napoleon Hill said:

“Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.”

In my book. . .you’ve possess the seven qualities required to be a genius.

Just one more thing.

And just for the record. . .Bill Gates never graduated from college. . .neither did Michael Dell. . .nor Debbie of Mrs. Fields Cookies. . nor did 1 out of 4 of the wealthiest 500 people in the United States. That is one-fourth of the smartest business people today. In addition, we don’t know how many are even pursuing the field they graduated in.

I have a college degree but I can’t say that I use any of my training in what I do. And Bev feels the same way. 

Lest you get the wrong idea that we’re down on college . . . that’s not necessarily true.  It has its place if you need specific training to get where you want to go.  In other words, I want my doctor to have gone to medical school but it isn’t for everyone despite the fact that society pushes everyone to have a degree.

I have encouraged our children to attend college but much more importantly, I’ve encouraged them to follow God.  He can and will take them places and open doors of opportunity that no college degree ever can.

If you follow God. . .obeying His every instruction. . .that determines if you a true genius.