Personal Assessment In Creating New Habits

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The best way to determine which new habits you need to create is by an honest assessment of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and marketplace trends. Complete this questionaire in a quiet environment where you can ponder each quesiton thoughtfully and in His presence.


1.         What do you do well?

2.         What can you do that others can’t or don’t have the skills to do?

3.         What unique resources/tools do you have at your disposal?

4.         What do co-workers or other people see as your strengths?

5.         Do you have mentors who can direct you?       


1.         Is there any task you avoid because you question your ability to complete the assignment?

2.         In the six major areas of your life (spiritual, family, financial (work), physical, mental and social do you feel you can improve in?

3.         What do other people see as your weaknesses?

4.         Do you need additional training, knowledge and/or resources to improve any weaknesses you might have?

5.         Do you have any negative habits and/or beliefs that are hindering your progress?


1.         What opportunities are available to you right now…right where you are?

2.         What technology can you take advantage of directly or indirectly through the assistance of others?

3.         Do you have friends/associates/soon-to-be friends you can network with?

4.         What options are available to you to improve your skill set?

5.         Is there a problem you can solve that no one else can?  If so, what is it?


1.         Is your job in a sector that is increasing or decreasing in growth trends across the nation?

2.         Is there a new project/task/assignment that you can take advantage of?

3.         What specific skills do you need to sharpen and what options for self-improvement are open to you?

4.         Are there any trends that expose a weakness in your skill set or would hinder your opportunities?

5.         In what sector/profession would you like to have a job?  What are you doing to position yourself for that opportunity?