Please Join Us In Prayer

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(Prayer from this morning’s Rich Thoughts For Breakfast conference call for those affected by the terrorist attack in Boston.  Please join us in the prayer of agreement…today and in the days to come.  Blessings, Harold)

Heavenly Father, this morning, I’m coming into the powerful, yet precious place of agreement with every believer on this phone call for the families of those who were killed in yesterday’s barbaric terrorist attack in Boston.  Comfort and strengthen these families and those of us who are hurting with them.

Lord, we also lift up those who were seriously injured both physically and  emotionally.  We ask that healing virtue flow over them from the top of their heads to the soles of their feet.  Heal their bodies and every emotional scar.

Psalm 46 says You, Oh God, are our refuge and our strength. . .a very present help in time of trouble…so we have no need to fear.

One more thing, Lord, let whatever was done in secret be exposed to light…not only in Boston but anywhere the forces of evil desire to strike terror.  Give wisdom to all law enforcement personnel as they bring to justice those who have been the vehicle of evil.

Father, your Word says that we were not left comfortless. . .so may the Holy Spirit minister to every person affected by this senseless act of terrorism.

In the mighty name of Jesus….we pray….Amen.