16 Proverbial Reasons Not To Be Lazy

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“Tomorrow is the only day in the year that appeals to a lazy man.”  Jimmy Lyons

I don’t have a clue which Jimmy Lyons this might be but Google brought up only one and he is a singer by trade.  Regardless, this observation is powerful.

As I re-read his quote I was prompted by the Holy Ghost to see what Proverbs has to say about being lazy.

There are 16 verses in several different translations that speak directly and often forcefully about the consequences of being lazy.

A lazy person will lead a dirt-poor life.

Proverbs 6:6 in the Message Bible says:

“You lazy fool, look at an ant. Watch it closely; let it teach you a thing or two. Nobody has to tell it what to do. All summer it stores up food; at harvest it stockpiles provisions. So how long are you going to laze around doing nothing? How long before you get out of bed? A nap here, a nap there, a day off here, a day off there, sit back, take it easy—do you know what comes next? Just this: You can look forward to a dirt-poor life, poverty your permanent houseguest!”  

A lazy person will lose whatever wealth they do have.

Proverbs 10:4 in the New Living Translation says:

“Lazy people are soon poor; hard workers get rich.” 

A lazy employee is an irritation to his/her employer.

Proverbs 10:26 in the Message Bible says:

“A lazy employee will give you nothing but trouble; it's vinegar in the mouth, smoke in the eyes.” 

A lazy person is not capable of success.

Proverbs 12:24 in The Living Bible says:

“Work hard and become a leader; be lazy and never succeed.” 

A lazy person will never find fulfillment and/or satisfaction in life.

Proverbs 12:27 in the Message Bible says:

“A lazy life is an empty life, but "early to rise" gets the job done.” 

A lazy person’s wealth will always be a dream, never reality.

Proverbs 13:4 in the New Living Translation says:

“Lazy people want much but get little, but those who work hard will prosper.”

A lazy person will be followed by trouble wherever they go and whatever they do.

Proverbs 15:19 in The Living Bible says:

“A lazy fellow has trouble all through life; the good man’s path is easy!”              

A lazy child is an embarrassment.

Proverbs 15:20 in the Message Bible says:

“Intelligent children make their parents proud; lazy students embarrass their parents.”

A lazy person is often linked with destructive personalities.

Proverbs 18:8 in the New Living Translation says:

“A lazy person is as bad as someone who destroys things.”

A lazy person will not even take care of the basic necessities of life.  There are two scriptures that speak to this specific habit/behavior pattern of a lazy person.

Proverbs 19:15 in the New Living Translation says:

“Lazy people sleep soundly, but idleness leaves them hungry.” 

Proverbs 20:4 in The Living Bible says:

“Some men are so lazy they won’t even feed themselves!”

A lazy person is a taker and not a giver.

Proverbs 21:25-26 in The Living Bible says:

“The lazy man longs for many things, but his hands refuse to work. He is greedy to get, while the godly love to give!” 

A lazy person never considers the practical applications of their own actions.

Proverbs 24:30 in the New Living Translation says:

“I walked by the field of a lazy person, the vineyard of one with no common sense.”

A person who works hard and sets the right example is never lazy.

Proverbs 31:27 in The Living Bible says:

“She watches carefully all that goes on throughout her household and is never lazy.”

I did a word study on “lazy” and found several other scriptures I felt led to include in this teaching.

I hear some people who are otherwise hard-workers, productive and successful say they just feel like being lazy today.  Truthfully,I never have that feeling.  I may want to relax and watch a good movie but I never find I want to be lazy.

The truth of the matter is God never says that He wants any part of us to be lazy as well.

Mark 14:37 in the Message Bible says:

“He came back and found them sound asleep. He said to Peter, "Simon, you went to sleep on me? Can't you stick it out with me a single hour? Stay alert, be in prayer, so you don't enter the danger zone without even knowing it. Don't be naive. Part of you is eager, ready for anything in God; but another part is as lazy as an old dog sleeping by the fire." 

The scripture is also clear in that we aren’t to help lazy people who are unwilling to work.  In fact, the scripture says if you don’t work. . .you don’t eat.

2 Thessalonians 3:6 in the Message Bible says:

“Our orders—backed up by the Master, Jesus—are to refuse to have anything to do with those among you who are lazy and refuse to work the way we taught you. Don't permit them to freeload on the rest. We showed you how to pull your weight when we were with you, so get on with it. We didn't sit around on our hands expecting others to take care of us. In fact, we worked our fingers to the bone, up half the night moonlighting so you wouldn't be burdened with taking care of us. And it wasn't because we didn't have a right to your support; we did. We simply wanted toprovide an example of diligence, hoping it would prove contagious.” 

Lest you think I made up the scripture that says if you don’t work. . .you don’t eat. . .consider the words found in 2 Thessalonians 3:10 in the Message Bible.

“Don't you remember the rule we had when we lived with you? "If you don't work, you don't eat." And now we're getting reports that a bunch of lazy good-for-nothings are taking advantage of you. This must not be tolerated. We command them to get to work immediately—no excuses, no arguments—and earn their own keep. Friends, don't slack off in doing your duty.”

To tolerate and reward laziness is not acceptable behavior on our part. . .according to the Word of God.

It seems the scripture also has a specific understanding of the behavioral characteristics of a lazy person. . which we should reject.

1 Timothy 5:13 in the New Living Translation says:

“And if they are on the list, they will learn to be lazy and will spend their time gossiping from house to house, meddling in other people’s business and talking about things they shouldn’t.” 

The scripture also gives a very specific command as to how we’re supposed to act.

Romans 12:11 in the New Living Translation says:

“Never be lazy, but work hard and serve the Lord enthusiastically.” 

Finally, the scripture tells us how to emulate the right attitude and actions.

Hebrews 6:12 in the New International Version says:

“We do not want you to become lazy, but to imitate those who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised.” 

I think the message of the scriptures is clear. . .God doesn’t like nor does He want you to associate with or help these folks who are lazy.

As I close this teaching I want to bring two scriptures back to your remembrance.

Proverbs 13:4 in the New Living Translation says:

“Lazy people want much but get little, but those who work hard will prosper.”

Proverbs 12:24 in The Living Bible says:

“Work hard and become a leader; be lazy and never succeed.” 

Finally, I discovered the word lazy is not in the King James Version of the Bible but slothful is and it’s defined as lazy and so much more. . .in fact, I’m feeling led to do a separate teaching of being slothful.

Enough about being lazy. . .not let’s pray about somebody who’s not. . .YOU.