Top 10 - What's Important

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10.  Be the one who initiates change . . . even while others hesitate.

  9.  God wants you prosperous because poor people can't really help poor people very much. You're blessed to be a blessing.

  8.  Straying from God is not a result of what’s in your bank account but rather what’s in your heart.

  7.  EVERY thing you think, say or do is either moving you toward or away from your financial success. You choose the direction.

  6.  When your seed leaves your hand...shift your focus from the seed you've sown to the harvest you're expecting. Romans 8:25 NLT

  5.  If you’re unemployed. . .stop fretting over the job you lost and begin preparing for the new job you’ll have. Psalm 84:11

  4.  Do you want to be successful?  Here's a major key. “Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed.”  Proverbs 16:3 NLT

  3.  Never base your peace on your circumstances but rather on the Greater One who authorizes you to create the circumstances you need.

  2.  If you encounter doubt while waiting for your harvest...remember Who's working on your behalf and what He's promised you.

  1.  Haven’t spent one minute in twenty years worrying about who the anti-Christ is. I'm more interested in discovering who I am in Christ.