Top 10 - What You Attract

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10. When you focus on the hurts of the past you’re stealing time from your future.

9. Regardless of your circumstances or the balance in your checking account never question or waver from God’s desire for you to prosper.

8. Your tomorrow will always be better than your today...if you trust in God and His Word.

7. If God has called you to do something He will always make a way. God’s calling is His enabling.

6. If you don’t know what to do…ask Him. He’s not somebody else’s God…He’s your personal God. Read and study Isaiah 48:17 MSG

Here are the Top 5 Rich Thoughts Nuggets of the week.

5. What you do not respect. . .you will not attract.

4. You are becoming what you imagine yourself to be.

3. When you withhold your seed. . .you are robbing yourself.

2. Where you put God in your heart. . .will determine where you finish in life.

# 1 Rich Thoughts Nugget you selected is:

1. The only way to live in success and surplus is by putting God first. Matthew 6:33