Top 10 - Stop Being Limited

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10.  Your I.Q. may be in the stratosphere but if your feet aren't firmly planted in His Word you'll never leave the ground.

  9.  Your potential is too great...your destiny too let someone hijack your future.

  8.  Never go into your workplace without being prayed up, praised up, encouraged and determined to have a great day.

  7.  When someone says:  "I've heard that before."  My question to them is:  "what have you done with what you've previously heard.”

  6. as creative as you want to be....and as creative as God intended you to be.

Here are the Top 5 Rich Thoughts Nuggets of the week.

  5.  Stop being limited by your imagination.  Ask God to allow the mind of Christ to function fully and freely within you.

  4.  Would you allow anyone to dump a garbage bag on your living room floor . . . then why allow them to pour negative stuff in your head?

  3.  If you try to make everybody else're the one person who won't be happy.

  2.  Do whatever is necessary to keep your vision in front of you by removing all hindrances to its manifestation.

 # 1 Rich Thoughts Nugget you selected is:

  1.  If you want to succeed at everything you wisdom from someone who's been there before...wherever they might be.