The Following Day We Got A Phone Call

“Just a note to give a praise report. Last week we sowed a $153.00 seed into your ministry. The Lord told us to sow as much as our electrical bill was so we did.

“Then the following day we got a phone call from my son down in CT, his boss was giving us 11 bundles of R19 insulation for our attic for free!  We had an energy audit done a few months back and they said we needed to insulate the whole attic.

“If that blessing wasn't awesome enough, we need to redo our pool shed that is falling down, it was going to cost us over $5000.00 to buy a new one. So, yesterday, we went and the Lord gave us 20 sheets of industrial plywood for $300, it would have cost us at least $700 for it.

“Then today, for $50 we … got a whole truck full of 2x4, 4x4's! The Lord showed us where to get it. The man was Christian and is also willing to sell us two pallets of bricks for our front walkway for $100!

“WOW, we know it is all from the $153 offering we sent in to your ministry. We have a feeling there will be more to come. The Lord wants His property fixed up. We are very excited about what the Lord can do! 

“Thank you for the videos, we love watching them.”  Blessings, Bob & Lori, Maine