Conference Call Was Dynamic

“The conference call on Sunday was dynamic! Thanks a million! Just found out about the ministry, I'm hooked! God Bless!”  

- Raymond on FB

We Look Forward To Your RichThoughts

“Hope you're having a great day and Thank You for all your service to the Lord's people. We wake up every day looking forward to your ‘Rich Thoughts.’” 

- Neil on FB

You Are An Asset To The Kingdom

“Thank you so much!! I believe next year will be the greatest year yet because I am truly in the NOW of the Lord's Favor and Reward! Also thank you for allowing God to use you to bless so many of us with financial wisdom and words of encouragement. May God Bless You with a thousand fold anointing! Because you are truly an ASSET to the Kingdom of God!” 

- Apostle Hattie in Michigan

He Sent Me Such Light Through You

“Dear Harold, I just …[saw] your wonderful birthday greeting ecard.  I am so thankful because I do really need your prayer. I know that angels exist. You are one of them and I am so happy that He sent me such light through you. May God Bless you and enlighten your path.” 

- Dhouha, Paris, France

I Was The Top Earner

“I am sowing this seed to reap a harvest of a lucrative business opportunity that is evergreen, virtual, and can be on auto pilot and will generate at least $4,000 per month. I sowed a seed of $10 that was all I had. I reaped $1,099.05 on my last project.  I was the top earner. Before I could plant this seed of $100, I reaped that much savings from a bill collector who put me on a special plan and declared my account current with a payment of $52 instead of $156. Praise the Lord! And thank you for your teachings.” 

- Naomi from New Jersey

Thank You For Teaching The Word

“Love all of you at the Debt Free Army.  After 12 years, I am almost at a Credit A+ Yeah! Longsuffering is having its final work in me.  My credit is truly my character and history of responsibility of paying bills on time and being accountable. Thank you, Debt-free Army, for your teaching on speaking the Word over our lives and thinking the right thoughts.”   

- Patricia on FB

All I can Say Is WOW

“I started reading your book "Stolen Property Returned" today-- all I can say is WOW-- I have underlined things and am already confessing God's Words more and more and with authority !! My heart’s desire is to help women who have been beaten, abused and betrayed to let them know that God will and can bring them through.

“I want to be able to help them financially-- but I can't do that until I am debt free or well on my way and have the extra to help with. Thank you for your words from God.”    

- Debbie on FB