The Spiritual Entrepreneur Workbook

Spiritual Entrepreneur Cover
$35.00 each USD

Do you want achieve the kind of success God promises in the Bible?

Do you have a passion to see God’s Kingdom Principles become the standard for accomplishment in the earth?

Then God is ready for you to become a spiritual entrepreneur. 

The Spiritual Entrepreneur

Regardless of your educational background or how much money you have or don’t have at the moment . . .if you have a passion for the things of God. . .your life and faith will be energized by your special assignment as a Spiritual Entrepreneur.

The Spiritual Entrepreneur:  A 21 Day Information System For Success Every Day of Your Life is your own personal guidebook to achieving success using God’s guaranteed success principles. If you take the scriptural insight, practical instruction and inspirational thoughts and motivational messages in this book and apply them to your life -- you will experience Biblical success in epic proportions.

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