How To Get Results In Prayer by Clay Worrell

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1 Samuel 12:23 KJV


Jeremiah 29:13 KJV


Matthew 6:6 KJV


Here are 3 things that cause prayers to not be answered



Psalm 66:18


Zachariah 7:11-13



Proverbs 21:13


Proverbs 28: 8-9


Luke 11:1 contains 7 keys for the Lord’s Prayer


1-The 1st Key is relationship


2. Which art in heaven.. Citizenship.


3. Hallowed be thy name.. Worship.


4. Thy kingdom come..(this puts God first--Matt 6:33)


5. Thy will be done…..

His 3 Wills


  1. God's Intentional Will

  1. God’s permissive Will

  1. God’s ultimate will

6.Give us this day our daily we come and receive daily substance, and acknowledge total dependance


7.forgive us our debts/trespasses ….as we forgive others, confession of sin and forgiving others releases answer to prayer….