7 Ways God Teaches Us To Prosper

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Here's the outline for tonight's teaching by my fine wife Bev.  It's an outstanding lesson.  Join her LIVE tonight at 6 PM (Central).

I Corinthians 10:11 NLT, AMP

1.      The Past Is Dead

Joshua Chapter 1: 1,2

First, Moses was called of God to lead the Children of Israel out of slavery… he did as God directed…

Second… God says… Moses is dead.  In other words… we don’t need to look back to the past because the past is dead.  

2.      God Has Given Each of Us A Place of Dominion

Joshua 1: 3,4

Genesis 1:28 AMP

2 Peter 1:3

3.      God Has Promised Us Total Victory

Joshua 1:5-7

Here are the 7 points we see in these scriptures:

  1.  In Gods eyes, He sees no one capable of having dominion over you.
  2. This promise is not only good right now...but as far as God sees, the promise is good for as long as you live.
  3. God backs up His statement by promising to always be there to back you up.
  4. Be strong and confident and of good courage...meaning we should be gaining confidence in every new circumstance and not losing it when difficulties arise.
  5. You will not only inherit the land God has placed you in, but you'll be an example to others who want to inherit their land.   
  6. Stand strong And courageous so you may do according to what God says… i.e., Read Your Bible and Do What It Says –
  7. Don’t turn to the left or to the right… i.e., stay focused on your assignment.

4.      God Gives Us a 7-Point Success System in Joshua 1:8

Joshua 1:8

Joshua 1:9

5.      Fear MUST Go!

Psalm 34:4

Luke 10:19

6.      Those Who Do Not Follow God’s Way …Will Not Succeed

Psalm 37:1,2 AMP

Joshua 1:18

When we don’t do what God commands we only hurt ourselves.

Joshua 6:19

Joshua 7:1 AMP

7.      God Will Take Care of the Opposition … if We Trust Him

Joshua 1:18

Psalm 34:6,7

Exodus 23:22