7 Things To Do When You're Broke - Outline

Written by Harold Herring on .


Here's tonight's teaching outline....join us LIVE at 6 PM (CST).

1.         Look for help in the right place

Matthew 11:28 AMP

As I was reading this verse, the Lord said to me:

“Tell those who have an ear to hear that the children of Israel were in the wilderness because of the choices they made. . .but I did not leave them there.  I brought them out and took them into the land of more than enough.  Tell my children to focus on me.  Bring me their troubles.  Trust in me.  Patiently expect and anticipate their financial deliverance which is coming from me and not the world.”

2.         Stop playing the blame game

Proverbs 17:9 NIV, CEV

3.         Figure out why you don’t have any money

How does Parkinson’s Law apply to your life?

4.         Start doing something. . .regardless of what it is.

Here’s a list of 35 ways to increase your income or get seed to sow.

•           Wait tables on weekends

•           Volunteer to work overtime on the job

•           Pick up a paper route

•           Get a job at a fast food joint

•           Turn your hobbies into a job

•           Learn to make jewelry and sell it at local fairs

•           Put up and take down other people’s Christmas lights

•           Teach cooking classes

•           Do freelance work in your vocation

•           Sale “stuff” on eBay and yard sales

•           Referee for sporting events

•           Start a lawn-care business

•           Teach piano lessons

•           Donate plasma

•           Babysit

•           Help coach a local sporting team

•           House-sit

•           Clean houses or office buildings

•           Refurbish furniture and sell it to consignment stores

•           Do Handy-Work for others

•           Makes meals for sale

•           Teach private swim lessons

•           Sell homemade rolls or treats around the holidays

•           Repair cars

•           Sell gift baskets

•           Breed animals for sale

•           Grow plants to sell

•           Become a dog walker

•           Become certified to teach aerobics, water aerobics, pilates or yoga

•           Teach language lessons

•           If you are good at photography, start a small business

•           Look into credible multilevel marketing opportunities

•           Deliver phone books or door ads

•           Become a sales person in-home

•           Check the local want ads to determine if they are market/research projects looking for part-time help

5.         Determine what you can live without

Proverbs 4:25-26 TLB, MSG

6.         If you’re in a hole stop digging.

Proverbs 21:20 TLB

Matthew 26:40 MSG

Luke 22:39 MSG


Matthew 6:13


7.         The one thing that guarantees a return.


Genesis 26:1, 12

Ecclesiastes 11:1 MSG


Psalm 126:5-6 KJV, MSG