The Cyrus Anointing

7 Keys To Activating The Cyrus AnointingDr. Mike Murdock Reading 7 Keys To Activating The Cyrus Anointing


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Do you have an entrepreneurial calling?

Do you want to operate in the end-time Office of the Giver?

In this insightful book Harold Herring reveals seven keys to activate the Cyrus Anointing if you desire to be a world-changer.

Here are seven distinct keys to releasing the Cyrus Anointing:

Key # 1—God Will Bless Those Who Honor His Presence, His House and His Word.

Key # 2—God Will Anoint and Equip You.

Key # 3—God Will Go Before You to Protect You and Defeat Your Enemies.

Key # 4—God Will Give You Hidden Treasures and Secret Riches.

Key # 5—God Created and Called You for a Specific Purpose.

Key # 6—God Will Raise You Up and Guide Your Actions.

Key # 7—God Will Restore What the Enemy Has Taken From You.


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