Declaration of Financial Independence 2016

Dear Friend…

On July 4, 2016, take a stand for freedom...YOURS!

I strongly encourage you to decree and declare your family FREE from financial independence and the tyranny of debt and lack.

It’s time for you to say … “ENOUGH” to high interest rates, foreclosures, evictions, repossessions, non-existent retirement accounts and low returns on financial investments … these things are not intended for God’s children!

Exactly two hundred and forty years ago this coming July 4th...the Founding Fathers took a stand against tyranny.  I feel led to join you in a BOLD stand against those who would steal your financial future and peace of mind.

There comes a time in life when we clearly need to draw a line in the sand and say: No More Financial Tyranny! My Father God made provision for me in His Word! I will not ignore what Jesus did and let the world system dominate me!

Below you will find your own Declaration for Financial Independence. I want you to prayerfully review each of the eight points and then DECLARE YOUR PERSONAL FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE!

Let me tell you why. The Lord directed Bev and I to take July 4th to stand with you as you declare your financial freedom.

OUR PERSONAL COMMITMENT TO YOU … Along with my fine wife, Bev, I am going to lay my hands on the Declaration of Financial Freedom reply YOU get back to me. I’m going to call EVERY single need you have before the Lord and take dominion and authority over every hindering spirit that’s preventing the free flow of God’s debt-free anointing and abundance in your life!

I do not pray over everyone at once... I place each specific prayer need you have before God and He graciously answers (see: Jeremiah 33:3)! Every time we have a God-directed day of prayer … financial miracles take place.  I know this July 4th will be no different.

The last time God called us to a day of prayer Bev and I called out nearly 3,000 names and each one of their specific needs before the Lord God.

Breakthroughs started happening IMMEDIATELY. Here are just four of the many testimonies that came in:

“I’m reaping the Harvest from your prayers.. . .A Judge sided with me on a legal case and my payments went down 35%. . .My daughter got a new full-time job to help her as a single parent … My business income for [last month] was up 30% over last year.” – Brian, MO

"Thank you for your prayers...! We received a $1,475.00 miracle money since you prayed!  Praise God for his faithfulness.” --Robin, CO

“Thank you for praying for me and my family...the seed that I sent in has been returned to us. My husband got a 4% pay raise. My husband has not received a pay increase in years. Our mortgage payment is going down by $35 a month... our medical insurance went down by $30 a month. Thank you again for standing in agreement with me …..” – Debbie, IN

“In just seven days, my husband went from no job (for 6 months) to a $1200 a month job and yesterday he got a new job at $3500 per month. We [love] the Debt Free Army and are [thankful] for your prayers… Glory to the Lord!! Thank you, Jesus!!!” – Pilar, Facebook

I guarantee we will personally call out your first name, city and state before the Lord as we join our faith with yours and believe for the immediate manifestation in your Declaration Of Financial Independence. Not only that:

We will begin praying for you...the moment we receive your Declaration of Personal Financial Independence until our DAY OF PRAYER.

Job 42:10 says when Job prayed for his friends God turned his captivity and gave him twice as much as he had before. That’s what we’re believing for you. . .a Job 42:10 turnaround for your financial independence.

I encourage you to SOW a special Job 42:10 turnaround seed gift of $42.10 or $421.00 or whatever you feel God leading you to sow.

Why sow? Because the principle found in God’s Word says, “you reap what you sow” (Galatians 6:7). If you sow nothing you will reap NOTHING! God can only multiply what you sow.  He gives bread to the sower as explained in 2 Corinthians 9:10.

Take a moment right now to complete the Declaration Of Financial Independence and get it back to us immediately. We’re ready to join you in the prayer of agreement as you decree and declare your personal financial independence.

We look forward to praying in agreement with you on July 4th.

Declaration of Financial Independence

Recognizing that I will never truly be free until I am financially free, I declare financial independence from debt and lack.

As a born-again, Child of the Most High God, I do hereby:

1. Declare from this day forward … I will be a faithful steward of everything God entrusts to my care.

2. Declare I will see myself as God sees me … filled with unlimited potential and possibilities.

3. Declare I’m getting out of debt rapidly … I will no longer be a slave to the moneylenders! (Proverbs 22:7 CEV).

4. Declare I will create an open heaven with my tithes and offerings (Mal 3).

5. Declare I will start speaking words that promote debt freedom and financial independence (Romans 4:17).

6. Declare I will create a plan to get out of debt and into financial freedom.

7. Declare I will study to show myself approved and with God’s help achieve what He wants for me (I Kings 1:17; 2 Kings 4; Romans 13:8).

8. Declare that because God is no respecter of persons (Acts 10:34) I will never again use excuses to justify anything but excellence and effective stewardship.

Brother Harold and Sister Bev, please join me in the precious and powerful place of agreement on July 4th as I boldly decree my Declaration of Personal Financial Independence. I need the financial anointing God placed on the Debt Free Army to be released in my life. 

This is the seed I’m boldly sowing for my personal financial independence. Click here to Declare Your Financial Independence.

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Harold Herring

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