Debt Determines Your Environment

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If you hold this book . . . face toward the west . . . lift it above your head and chant “I am debt free!” three times . . . you will not become debt free!

Trying goofy gimmicks does not make you debt free. Discover practical steps to creating your own out-of-debt plan and how to stay out of debt. Acting on the right kind of information does. It's really that simple.

In this powerful book . . . we expose the strategies of those paid big money to get you in debt and keep you there. This book will uncover the seductive advertising strategies and hidden consequences that keep you in debt.

I have also included: 9 Questions To Ask Before Taking On Debt.


Special Bonus Feature: Newly Revised

31 Day Guide To Financial Independence


* Easy to implement daily money-saving strategies.

* Humorous and thought-provoking quotes to keep you motivated

* Daily scriptural encouragement for your journey to the debt free lifestyle.

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