There are 78 days left in 2015. . .this article is designed to help you imagine where you want to be on New Year’s Eve.  It will be here before you know it.

I’m not talking about which church service or party you will attend but where you will be in life. . .that night.  Will you have achieved your goals?  Will you be full of anticipation and expectation about 2016?

Let’s start by establishing a very basic fact.  There are only two ways you can see what will be happening on New Year’s Eve.

First, with your natural eyes.

Second, with your imagination.

The word imagination is defined in the Merriam Webster Intercollegiate Dictionary as:

One of my favorite teachings is entitled “Don’t Be Hypnotized By The Appearance of Lack.”

Matthew 14:15 in the New Living Translation says:

“That evening the disciples came to him and said, “This is a remote place, and it’s already getting late. Send the crowds away so they can go to the villages and buy food for themselves.”

The disciples brought Jesus a negative report.

Now get a picture of this…those closest to Jesus . . . those who had seen Him heal blinded eyes, restore lame limbs, and work mighty miracles. . .those closest to Him were hypnotized by the appearance of lack.

Perhaps our biggest regret is not for things we have done but rather for the things we’ve failed to do. . .or didn’t even try.

Harriet Beecher Stowe, the author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin once said:

“The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone.”

The Lord keeps directing me to talk about discovering previously unknown opportunities and tapping into previously unused potential.

There’s a reason why God wants us tapping into what we’ve never utilized or maximized.

God created us. . .He knows the potential living within us. . .He knows what we’re capable of. . .He knows the destiny awaiting us. . .if we seize the moment.

God also knows the best way to experience previously unknown opportunities is to expect them.

Words from Harold and Bev

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Harold Herring

Never let your circumstances define your destiny.  Rather create the circumstances that will assure your destiny.

bev yellow 200

Bev Herring

Never allow anyone other than God to determine your worth and value.