As I was writing this teaching. . .I had just prayed for nearly a thousand prayer requests.  People facing unknown transitions and often difficult choices.

Are you going through a transition yourself?

Perhaps you're going from one job to another … or from having a job to being unemployed?

Does it seem that you're facing difficult problems without any answer seemingly in sight?

If so, this teaching is for you.

Please don’t miss My Valentine Day of Prayer – this Sunday, February 14th

I sent the following letter by mail but I can’t take a chance that you might have missed it.  I need your response before Sunday …Valentine’s Day.


and … respond immediately!

Do you need God’s IMMEDIATE attention?

As I was praying recently, I felt stirred in my spirit that you and several others need miracle-working power IMMEDIATELY. 

The Lord directed me to get this letter to you as quickly as possible.  It will only take you two or three minutes to read and respond. 

I believe you’ll find this is just the answer you’ve been praying for.  So find a quiet spot and let the truth of the Word ignite your spirit like it did mine.

I keep hearing people say. . .I’m just looking for the right opportunity.

More often than not. . .most people aren’t looking for an opportunity. . .they’re waiting for it to knock on the door and say “here I am.”

It doesn’t work that way.

Thomas Edison, the inventor, once said:

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

Sometimes an opportunity is right before us but we’ve been so blinded by our circumstances that we can’t see the obvious.

God promised Abraham and Sarah a son.  After a number of years, Sarah decided she was going to help God.  So Sarah gave Hagar, her hand maiden, to Abraham and she bore Ishmael, a son.

After that, there was trouble in the tents.  In fact, Sarah asked Abraham to kick Hagar and Ishmael out of the camp.

Words from Harold and Bev

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Harold Herring

Never let your circumstances define your destiny.  Rather create the circumstances that will assure your destiny.

bev yellow 200

Bev Herring

Never allow anyone other than God to determine your worth and value.