12 Days AFTER Christmas

. .

You’ve heard of the 12 Days Before Christmas… well let’s end this very serious year on a comic note by looking at how we used to spend the Christmas holidays … before we “wised up” and “grew up” in the Lord.

1. December 25th. . .the day you’ve waited for. . .to see the smiles on the faces of those you love as they open your Christmas gifts. As your kids open every present in record speed, they look at you as if singing the lyrics of the song, “Is that all there is?” and you’re wondering the same thing but in a whole different way.

2. December 26th. . .you take back things you were given for Christmas that either: don’t fit, you don’t like or you don’t want. As your car nudges 20 feet in 20 minutes in mall traffic ... you vow to never do this again.

3. December 27th. . .your memory of yesterday is gone and you’re back at the mall again for “After Christmas Sales” now in full-swing. The deal was so good you couldn’t pass it up. . . “God must have given you favor” because the credit card representative at the department store agreed to extend your credit limit.

4. December 28th. . .it’s Sunday morning and you’re wearing your new designer clothes to church. . .but you notice someone wearing the same outfit. You wonder how they could afford it since they’re so far behind on their bills… how crazy can they get!

You’re feeling a little bad. . . because you realize you’ll need that tithe money to pay off Christmas. . . then you think … “God will understand”. . .you had so many to buy for and “wouldn’t He want” every gift to be nice?

5. December 29th. . .you’re back at work listening to what everyone else got for Christmas. . .the fun they had. . .the things they got. . .the places they went. You begin to wonder how these people can afford all that. They don’t make any more than you do and look at them brag!

6. December 30th. . .you’re taking down the Christmas tree and decorations. Just as the twinkling lights are turned off for the next 11 months, the festive void sets in and all you can think about is how many months you’ll be behind in your credit card payments. Somewhere in the background you hear the Righteous Brothers singing, “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling.”

7. December 31st. . .you’re ready to forget this year. . .next year holds so much promise to be better. Then you wonder if there is enough room left on your credit card to have a nice dinner to bring in the New Year.

8. January 1st. . .you’re feeling empowered about the New Year. You’re determined to get out of debt, lose 30 pounds and get a second job to pay off debt. You’ll start each day out in prayer beginning right now! Then the whistle of the football game catches your ear and you think … maybe after the game.

9. January 2nd. . .Everybody is a little worn down. . .too much punch, food and not enough sleep from all the festivities . . .you don’t feel like working. . . you can start hunting for that second job tomorrow..

10. January 3rd. . .at least it’s Saturday. You don’t have to work, you don’t have to do anything. . .well, maybe you should get started, but who feels like it? Then you remember you promised to put that Christmas gadget together … who writes these stupid directions anyway?

11. January 4th. . .back at church. . . didn’t I wear that new outfit last week? Hmmm… not sure you can get anything for next week considering what was spent on New Year’s dinner and the fact that you’re still behind on the tithe. And look, it’s Harold’s birthday … he can forget a gift, how can I afford a card? What does he expect anyway? I’m only human.

12. January 5th. . .it’s blue Monday. . .not because of work. . . but the first of the 20 some credit card bills start arriving. Wow, forgot about all that pressure and stress.

“Oh, Lord … if you’ll just help me get out of this mess. . .I’ll never do it again.”