7 Things To Think About Before Shopping After Thanksgiving

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There are way too many believers in trouble because they’ve been shopping at Bed, Bath and Beyond Their Means. Here are 7 ways you can help yourself financially in the coming shopping season:

1. Reality Check: Get out your most recent credit card bills before you go shopping. Figure up how much you’ve paid in interest this year. You may also do the same with department store cards, as well as car and personal loans. Now plan your shopping list.

2. Set a limit on the price and number of gifts you give this year. Instead of giving all your brothers and sisters gifts, draw names. . .that way every one can give and get a nicer gift without busting anyone’s budget.

3. Suggest that family members not give gifts this year but exchange items you own that other family members have long admired.

4. Make a budget and don’t exceed it. PERIOD. PARAGRAPH.

5. Give of yourself . . .a homemade coupon redeemable for a day of baby-sitting, a meal (the gift giver cooks, serves and washes the dishes), chores, a car wash or something else useful or meaningful to the recipient.

6. Give family photo albums or videos. These gifts are especially meaningful to parents and grandparents.

7. Write notes to friends recalling treasured moments. . .sending along a smaller gift. I can assure you these gifts from the heart will be much more meaningful that the tie or trinket you gave them last Christmas which is still in the back of the closet.

If you’ve got a couple of other suggestions on how to give inexpensive but meaningful Christmas gifts, send me an email. . [email protected]