Be Smart With Your Tax Rebate

Written by Harold Herring.

The president just signed a $168 billion economic stimulus package that authorizes the government to send out rebate checks. The idea is we all are supposed rush out to spend our surprise money to stimulate the economy. In turn, the businesses selling those products and services to us will spend their profits on more products and services which are supposed to jump start the economy once again.

Now let’s look at the logic here. This new bill is encouraging us to spend more – the very attitude and mindset that got us into financial trouble in the first place. In fact, these very same Americans encouraged to go out and spend their rebate checks or even take on more interest are already over their heads in debt.

Tax Refund

Written by Harold Herring.

It’s the day after. . .millions of Americans filed their Federal Income Tax Return.

Several things are stirring in my spirit this morning.

The First Income Tax Refund

10 Year End Tax Strategies

Written by Harold Herring.

Edmund Burke once said, “You can never plan for the future by the past.” However in the case of preparing taxes for 2008, what you have done this past year can impact your future!

This time of year we begin thinking about tax savings. Tax advantages are pretty much gone after December 31st, so focus on these year-end tax strategies to see if there is anything that will give you a financial edge. With economic uncertainty, changing tax laws and fluctuating opinions, it is difficult to pin point the best moves to make. However, these are basic ways to tackle year-end tax planning.

7 Things We Fear About Taxes

Written by Harold Herring.

As I’m typing this blog, my “fine” wife Bev is putting the final touches on all the material we need for our CPA to file our 2008 taxes.

I’m going to resist the temptation to tell you what I think about taxes. However, I will tell you that I once did an extensive survey and only found two groups of people that don’t like to pay taxes.

Men and Women…..

Does tax season give you the jitters? It does for most folks so they procrastinate about doing the inevitable. Additionally, they often let fear of the unknown or what someone else said create unnecessary panic. Let’s clear the air a bit…and deal with some of the most common tax fears.