7 Keys To Ever-Increasing Faith

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When I was dating my fine wife Bev. . .there was a popular song by Diana Ross entitled “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.”

“If you need me, call me

No matter where you are

No matter how far

Just call my name

I'll be there in a hurry

Who's Determining Your Lot In Life

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“Well, I can’t do anything about my situation. . .it’s just my lot in life.”

When I heard that statement. . .I wanted to shout out.

“Are you kidding me?”

Do you realize how spiritually ignorant and harmful such a statement is?

“Are you listening to yourself?"

Do you understand the words you’re sowing into your future?  They will either bring a mega harvest of blessing or a crop failure?

7 Reasons To Do It And Not Just Talk About It

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A failure to act. . .is an action that is sure to fail.

We make a decision to fail. . .when we allow fear to prevent us from stepping out of our comfort zone or from taking a step of faith.

Faith destroys fear. . .crushes doubt. . .conquers the unknown. . .inspires others. . .and makes us victorious in all our hands find to do.

If we want to do more than we’ve done. . .be more than we’ve been. . .then we need to take a risk when it lines up with His Word.

God’s Word tells us what to do. . .if we take a risk and fail to succeed.

Proverbs 24:16 in the New Living Translation says:

7 Characteristics Of A Champion

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For sports fans this is an exciting time of the year.  National Football League teams are headed to the Super Bowl...each hoping to win the Championship trophy.

College basketball is in full swing. . .each team with their eye on becoming national champions.

Major league baseball is gearing up for the start of spring training next month with each team dreaming of becoming World Series champions.

Yes, when we think of champions. . .we think of those who win sports titles. . .either as a team or through individual efforts.

It is not easy to become a champion. . .it takes determination. . .practice. . .exercise. . .discipline and, yes. . .commitment to never give up, give in, back up, back down, sit down, quit or walk away until victory is achieved.

7 Reasons God Doesn't Do Average

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To accomplish our goals for 2015. . .an average effort is not enough.  An average commitment is not enough.  Average desire is not enough.

A.W. Tozier, the noted theologian, wrote:

“Refuse to be average. Let your heart soar as high as it will.”

Being average is a settled for. . .kind of life.

The average person settles for whatever comes their way. . .by resigning themselves to exist as they are…by refusing to make the effort to move beyond and out of their comfort zone. . .into the kind of life God desires for them.

7 Things Not To Do In 2015

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I got excited thinking about how our first SUNDAY NITE LIVE of the year should be a positive, uplifting and motivating message.

So you can imagine our surprise when we were led to teach the seven things not to do in 2015.

Please understand this is not a negative teaching but rather one that’s instructive providing a clear direction on what the Word says we should and shouldn’t be doing in the New Year. . .or, for that matter. . .any other year.

1.         Bad attitude

Avoid These 7 Distractions To Your Focus

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Have you ever met someone who was educated beyond their intelligence?  People who think they know more than others. . .or they always have the right answer, no matter what.

I’ve met my share of Christians who feel they’re more spiritually mature. . .advanced beyond ordinary Christians. 

Recently, I had a brief conversation with someone who said. . .”I heard you talking about focus but you need to know that word is not in the King James Bible.

I must admit my first mental response was less than spiritual. . .as I’m not amused by pride and conceit.

I regained my spiritual focus. . .and shared that the word focus is in the Amplified (1);  God’s Word Translation (28); Message Bible (28) and the New Living Translation (4).

Christmas...It's About You

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Good morning and welcome to Rich Thoughts for Breakfast on this glorious Christmas Day….December 25, 2014.

I’m joined this morning by my fine wife Bev….of 42 years….9 months….21 days.

Do you know if you’re receiving that gift this Christmas that you hinted about. . .the one gift you’re believing for?  Perhaps, it’s that one gift you bought yourself.

I was going to wait until the end of the call to share what I know is my favorite Christmas gift this year.

No, it’s not an Audi A8 thought that would be a HUGE BLESSING.  It’s not a trip to Bora Bora though I would LOVE that.  It’s not a cruise for our 43rd wedding anniversary on March 4th thought that we be FABULOUS.

It’s not even more time with our daughters who live in Los Angeles or our sons our grand sugars who live in Fort Worth. . .though that would be priceless.

7 Things You May Not Have Thought About Jesus

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Sometimes we think we had it tough growing up...but what we faced pales in comparison to what Jesus, the most anointed of all, dealt with when we look at His short life on earth.

Sometimes we may wonder why we have to deal with everything we do...since God has given us a mission, a vision and a calling.  So naturally, we might ask "Why is this happening to me?"

If stuff happened to Jesus...it will happen to you too.  It's how you deal with the stuff when it happens to you...that makes all the difference in the world in how things will work out.

Have you ever thought about what Jesus had to deal with or experienced?  His life certainly wasn't a picnic.

7 Things To Do When Star Leads To A Stable

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I remember years ago, traveling to the mountains of North Carolina with my fine wife Bev and my parents for a long weekend get-away.

We started looking for a hotel room and were unable to fine one for over 60 miles along Interstate 40. 

The clerk at the first hotel we stopped at told us that we would have a problem finding accommodations.  He informed us that the annual Furniture Market was taking place in High Point, North Carolina and there wasn’t a sleeping room to be found within 60 miles in any direction of that huge event.  We found out he was right.

This particular journey was before the days of cell phones and computers.  If you wanted to call ahead you use a pay phone.  We stopped at exit after exit only to hear the same message. . .there was no room in the inn  . . . Holiday or otherwise.

26 Ways To Turn Failure Into Success

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Failure is an event. . .it’s not who you are.  Failure is never final if you have the God-given desire and direction to change your destiny.

Here are the A to Z’s on how to run failure straight into success.

A-Admit it when you mess up.  The best way to overcome failure is to face it, learn from it and move on.

Proverbs 28:13 in The Living Bible says:

“A man who refuses to admit his mistakes can never be successful. But if he confesses and forsakes them, he gets another chance.”