I Want My Children To Get It

Written by Harold Herring.

This is probably one of the most unusual teachings I’ve ever done.

I’ve done teachings with 23 points but I’ve never taught a lesson where I quoted one verse twenty—three times in different translations.

When I asked God if He was sure about this instruction . . . He said simply:

“I want my children to get it.”

7 Ways To Change Your Destiny

Written by Harold Herring.

Did you read or hear something today that fired you up...motivating you to do more or be more today than yesterday?

Here are seven keys to use a quote or scripture each day...to change your destiny and the destiny of those you care about.

First, make a list of seven friends or relatives.

Second, decide how you will communicate the quote, statement or scripture.

5 Ways To Get Rich

Written by Harold Herring.

Every day there’s a least one new book published with the secret of how to become rich.

I’m going to make it easy for you and share the 5 ways to get rich.

1.         WIN THE LOTTERY- Wrong Answer.  Thank you for playing.

Really, you have a better chance to be an astronaut or an Olympic Gold Medalist than you do winning the lottery.

Talking To Yourself Doesn't Make You Crazy

Written by Harold Herring.

Why do people talk to themselves?

Some people will say. . .it’s because they’re starved for intelligent conversation which most certainly reflects on the people around you.

Others say that people who talk to themselves are a hamburger short of a Happy Meal.

7 Keys To 174

Written by Harold Herring.

174.    What does 174 mean to you?  Need a hint?

174 is not money. . .but then it could be. . .that’s your choice.  Would it surprise you to know that 174 is more valuable than money?

174 is the number of days left in 2013.  What are you going to do with these 174 days?

Did you set goals for 2013?  If so, what progress have you made in achieving your goals?  It’s time for a realistic view of where you are, what you’re doing, where you’re going and who you’re talking or listening to.