Top 10 - Reasons It's YOUR Future

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10.  If you continually overlook the problems you’re facing…you’ll never overcome them.

  9.  You’d never go to work naked…you always dress your body.  It’s also important to dress your mind by what you listen to each day.

  8.  It’s time to stop letting other people use your head as a septic tank for trash talk and toxic thoughts.  Philippians 4:8

  7.  We can’t control what other people do but we can control how we respond and react to what they do.

  6.  Think of one thing you can do TODAY to improve the quality of your TOMORROW…then do it.

Here are the Top 5 Rich Thoughts Nuggets of the week.

  5.  The successful person knows something others have not yet discovered or cared to pursue.  Today…seek wisdom.

  4.  Don’t complain about what you don’t have…use what you do have to create a plan to get from where you are…to where you want to be.

  3.  If you want a better tomorrow…let go of your desire for a better yesterday.

  2.  “My people are destroyed (bound) for a lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6) Ignorance not Satan will destroy you…so get wisdom.

And the # 1 Rich Thoughts Nugget you selected is:

  1.  There are 3 kinds of wealth.  Financial wealth is what you have.  Personal wealth is who you are.  Spiritual wealth is what you do with what you’ve got.

7 Characteristics Of Spiritual Zombies To Avoid

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A few days ago, I became concerned about the walking dead.  No, I’m not talking about zombies.  Well, at least the kind you see on television or in the movies.

My dear friend, Bob Harrington, the Chaplain of Bourbon Street says he has two fears.

One is to be buried but not dead and the other is to be dead but not buried.

My concern about zombies. . .is the walking dead. . .not physically but those who are mentally and spiritually comatose when it comes to the Word of God.

God does not want us living our lives in a near catatonic state where we’re just going through the motions. . .like spiritual zombies.

Here are seven characteristics of spiritual zombies to avoid.

Questions To Plan For Future Accomplishments

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It's time to get real. . .as always, find a quiet place to reflect on your past, anaylyze your present situation and plan for future accomplishments.

Top 10 - Moving Toward Your Future

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10. You are a work in progress…continually evolving into what God wants you to be.  Ephesians 4:23-24 AMP

  9.  You are somebody…not because of what you drive, where you live, where you work…but because of who you are in Him.  Colossians 3:11 TLB

  8.  If you dwell on past memories and experiences…you’ll never fully embrace the potential of your future.

  7.   Failure will never determine who you are or what you’re determined to be…unless you make it so.

  6.  Credit cards will never make you rich…they only give the illusion of a lifestyle you could have with a proven financial plan.

Here are the Top 5 Rich Thoughts Nuggets of the week.

  5.  The enemy wants you to think God is not “around” or “interested” in you…but nothing could be farther from the truth.  Proverbs 18:24

  4.  If you think nobody is thinking about you right now…you’re wrong.  “…the Lord is thinking about me right now.” Psalm 40:17 TLB

  3.  Financial freedom is not based on how much you make…it’s based on how little you owe.  Think about it.

  2.  Have you checked out your financial DNA?  Your genealogy includes…Abraham, Isaac and Jacob…all multi-millionaires of their time.

And the # 1 Rich Thoughts Nugget you selected is:

  1.  When God looks at you…He doesn’t see limitation or hesitation.  He sees the potential and possibilities He placed within you.

A Fresh Look At New Testament Tithing

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I’m so blessed by the Acts of the Apostles.

I own a personalized Bible. . .it’s fabulous. . .it has my name in it over 7,000 times. . .it even includes the name of my fine wife Bev.

In fact, one of my favorite scriptures pertains to my fine wife.  It’s Proverbs 18:22 which  says:

“When Harold found Bev he found a good thing and Harold received favor from the Lord.”

In my personalized Bible here’s the header for the Book of Acts.

13 Questions To Make 2013 Your Year Of Fulfilled Promises

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These 13 questions when answered and properly implemented have the potential to make this the month you turn everything around. . .to make 2013 your year of unfulfilled promises FULFILLED.

7 Ways To Guarantee Your Financial Future

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Teaching notes from today's Spiritual Entrepreneur Conference Call.

Your financial future is not based on the business or agency that writes you a paycheck every two weeks.

Nor is your financial future secured through your knowledge of the financial markets.

Neither is your financial future safeguarded by the current contents of your retirement and/or investment portfolio.

None of the methods, knowledge or companies I just mentioned can promise without fail. . .your financial future.

However, there is Someone who is ready, willing and able to guarantee your financial future.

Here are seven ways to guarantee your financial future.

Personal Assessment In Creating New Habits

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The best way to determine which new habits you need to create is by an honest assessment of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and marketplace trends. Complete this questionaire in a quiet environment where you can ponder each quesiton thoughtfully and in His presence.

5 Keys To Making This A Day To Remember

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What kind of day are you going to have today?

Not sure.. . .then answer this. . .who will determine the kind of day that you’re going to have?

Your spouse?  Your children?  Your parents?

The slow driving “idiot” in the fast lane.  The police officer who gave you a ticket because you ran a stop sign hoping to get to work on time.

Your supervisor who has given you enough work for three people?  Your boss who doesn’t recognize or reward you for your hard work?

8 Steps To Goal Setting

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A goal is a vision of how it is . . . before it is.

In talking about goals at my seminars, rallies and church services, I’ve had a few believers question whether or not goal-setting was important or even scriptural.

I’ve asked those folks why they got saved.  Invariably, the answer is “to go to heaven.”  I then asked if they were going today. If they say, not unless Jesus comes back, I say, “If heaven is not your immediate destination, it is still your goal.”

A goal is the manifestation…the end result achieved through vision, prior proper planning, persistence and peak performance

Get a notebook in which you can keep your goals for the rest of your life.   It’s time to stop talking about your future and do something about it.

7 Reasons God Wants You Victorious

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Have you watched a television series where the star of the show is seemingly always in eminent peril?

No matter how real the scene feel. . .you can know for sure. . .that the creator and writers of the television show will never kill the hero or the star. . .who plays the hero.

Just like the movies. . .you’re a star that will never defeated by the enemy.  In fact, not only will you not lose. . .you win every single time.

Here are three scriptures which should strengthen and energize your faith against every attack of the enemy.