Top 10 - Winning By Not Quitting

Written by Harold Herring. Posted in Top 10's

10.  Your destiny is determined by choice…not chance.

  9.  God sees greater potential in us than we see in ourselves.

  8.  Whoever you’re talking to must be important as you’re trading part of your life for that conversation.

  7.  Winners are simply people who may have lost or failed but didn’t quit.

  6.  Who you are in Christ always overrides who people say you are.

Here are the Top 5 Rich Thoughts Nuggets of the week.

  5. Purpose in your heart to do something today about your future.  If you don’t…nobody else will.

  4. Poverty steals more than your money…it robs you of your dreams, your future, your hope and your ability to bless those you love.      

  3. Obedience always brings rewards.

  2.  Be on time today…to your job…every appointment.  Being late is a sign of disrespect.  God is on time and we should be too.

 # 1 Rich Thoughts Nugget you selected is:

  1.  If something’s not producing the results you desire.  STOP IT…then ask God what you should be doing differently.

Top 10 - Staying Out Front

Written by Harold Herring. Posted in Top 10's

10.  Get out in front of your battle…begin praising God for your victory…even before you see it manifest.

  9.  Look beyond where you are…to what might have been…and still can be.

  8.  God has given each of us the ability to make the invisible…visible.  What we do with that ability…is our choice.

  7.  Make friends with nobodies…because everybody is somebody to God.

  6.  Throughout our history, there have been those who gave their lives for the freedom of others.  Remember and honor them on Memorial Day.

Here are the Top 5 Rich Thoughts Nuggets of the week.

  5. Prayer is the only guaranteed way to remove fear, doubt and anxiety from our lives.  Psalm 86:5-7; Jeremiah 29:12-14

  4. Your internal thoughts (beliefs, feelings and convictions) determine your outward reality.  

  3. When you say…what you can’t do instead of what you can do…you are defeated before you start.

  2.  When the character of God is evidenced in how you respond to every situation…then you are destined for Kingdom success.

 # 1 Rich Thoughts Nugget you selected is:

  1.  Our worth is measured by what’s in our hearts and not what’s in our wallets.

Top 10 - Creating A Momentum

Written by Harold Herring. Posted in Top 10's

10.  Spending money you don’t have may bring you a momentary high but watch out for the financial hangover.

  9.  When weariness walks in…creativity walks out.

  8.  If God has given you a big vision…be diligent where you are…create a momentum for your future by your faithfulness today.

  7.  A person’s lack of success is a consequence of the decisions they didn’t make and the actions they never took.

  6.  Even if you mess up, God will pick you up. “Though he falls…the Lord grasps his hand in support and upholds him.”  Ps 37:24 AMP

Here are the Top 5 Rich Thoughts Nuggets of the week.

  5. We have what we have because God gave it to us.  When we follow His instructions we will never do without.

  4. Hold fast to the confession of your faith.  “But don’t quit.  Don’t cave in.  It is all well worth it in the end…”  Matthew 10:22 MSG         

  3. If you’re in debt…your life is not your own.  Not only that, but your money is going to make somebody else rich.

  2.  Any lack, sickness or weakness in our lives was healed by the stripes of Jesus.  This is not a “going-to-be” truth…it’s true now.

 # 1 Rich Thoughts Nugget you selected is:

  1.  Time doesn’t heal all wounds. . .God does.

Top 10 - Bigger and Bolder

Written by Harold Herring. Posted in Top 10's

10.  If the person who has eyes for you is not a Christian…close your eyes until you no longer see them. 2 Corinthians 6:15

  9.  The most dangerous vampire you’ll ever meet…debt…will suck the very life out of you.

  8.  Where you start in life is not where you will finish…unless you will it so.

  7.  God wants us to dream bigger…speak boldly…think creatively…associate higher…do more…never give up and start today.

  6.  What we do with money determines our character and reflects who we really are.

Here are the Top 5 Rich Thoughts Nuggets of the week.

  5. “I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me.  They have clung to me all my life.”  Abraham Lincoln

  4. Being wealthy is not evil in and of itself or else God would not have given us the power to get wealth.  Deuteronomy 8:18           

  3. God does not decide our wealth or the lack thereof…but our obedience to His Word does.

  2.  Spiritual renewal is not a sometimes thing…it’s not just an emergency solution…it’s a lifestyle.

 # 1 Rich Thoughts Nugget you selected is:

  1.  If life is chaotic…God’s not in it…but the good news is that He brings order and light into chaos and darkness.

Top 10 - Reasons You're Never Alone

Written by Harold Herring. Posted in Top 10's

10.  When you feel all alone while pursuing your dreams…remember, once you gave your heart to Jesus you’re never alone again.

  9.  Every time we bless someone by our giving…it raises our level of joy and our level of living.

  8.  It’s not enough to meditate, prepare and motivate yourself to have a great day…you’ve actually got to do something.

  7.  If you’ve been forgiven…you’re just that…forgiven…so it’s time to get up and leave the past behind.

  6.  Everything we sow in life returns as a harvest…one way or another.  Galatians 6:7

Here are the Top 5 Rich Thoughts Nuggets of the week.

  5. If you want to succeed in life…always do more than is required.  Titus 3:14 (AMP)

  4. Stop talking about what you’re going to do and DO IT.  “…Quite praying and get the people moving!  Forward march!’” Exodus 14:15   

  3. We need to stop complaining about what we don’t have and begin praising God for what we do have.

  2.  A successful person keeps focused on their goals…never doubts their faith or gives up until victory is achieved.

 # 1 Rich Thoughts Nugget you selected is:

  1.  You cannot continually think about what was or what could have been if you want to create a new reality of what will be.

Top 10 - Good ... Or God Ideas?

Written by Jay Epps. Posted in Top 10's

10.  Obedience to instructions, timing and patience are the three keys to establishing divine connections.

  9.  God wants our best moments in prayer and meditation on His Word…not the dregs or remains of our day.  Put Him first.

  8.  Keep your word…do your best…that’s how you get and keep a good name.  Proverbs 22:1

  7.  It’s easy to say “I forgive you” but only the love of God can get the feelings of anger, resentment and hurt out of your subconscious mind.

  6.  Praying this morning for those who need a turnaround to tap into the Word of God…to turn their setbacks into a comeback.

Here are the Top 5 Rich Thoughts Nuggets of the week.

  5. The only way to experience supernatural increase…is by giving what He tells you…where He tells you and when He tells you.

  4. There’s a time to speak up and a time to shut up…discerning the difference will increase the length of your life and your happiness.  

  3. Something can be a good idea…it can be a God idea…but it must be in His timing.

  2.  Victory may be just around the bend or over the next hill so persist until you cross the finish line.

 # 1 Rich Thoughts Nugget you selected is:

  1.  Let the trials and tragedies of your past become the testimonies of your future.

Top 10 - Turning Off The Cruise Control

Written by Harold Herring. Posted in Top 10's

10.  Putting positive and negative thoughts into the same environment will not create the success mentality you desire or expect.

  9.  Fear is the devil’s anointing and it’s kept many a good person from fulfilling their destiny.

  8.  The real measure of our generosity is when we bless someone who has no ability to repay us.  Eccl 11:1 MSG

  7.  Make it your policy to never judge a person by the color of their skin or their neck (red).

  6.  This is the day that everything changed (Resurrection Sunday).

Here are the Top 5 Rich Thoughts Nuggets of the week.

  5. Do we qualify as Good Samaritans?  Are we willing to be inconvenienced for someone we’ve never met?

  4. If you don’t know what to do…ask Him.  He’s not somebody else’s God…He’s your personal God.  Read and study Isaiah 48:17 MSG          

  3. God does not want us holding onto the past.  He wants us anticipating the future and the new thing He is about to do in our lives.

  2.  The worst place for a believer is in a comfort zone where they accept things as they are instead of creating them as they can be.

 # 1 Rich Thoughts Nugget you selected is:

  1.  A lack of purpose and plans means you are on cruise control driving to eternity without a clue why you were placed here in the first place.

Top 10 - If There's A Pulse, There's A Purpose

Written by Harold Herring. Posted in Top 10's

10.  Praying this morning for you to believe, embrace, confess and possess the unlimited possibilities found in the Word of God.

  9.  If you ever entertain any bad/negative thoughts…then you’re allowing them to build the wrong type of stronghold in your life.

  8.  Looking in the rear view mirror at opportunities you have missed...may cause you to overlook possibilities in your future.

  7.  We need to recognize and understand that our harvest is anything from anyone that can benefit or bless us.

  6.  God wants you involved in Kingdom business regardless of whether you have a Reverend, Elder, Doctor or Pastor stuck in front of your name.

Here are the Top 5 Rich Thoughts Nuggets of the week.

  5. If one part of the Body is lifted up…the whole Body is lifted up.  When we encourage others…we are also lifting up ourselves.

  4. If we do what God asks us to do…we will experience “sudden” manifestation and victory over attacks of the enemy.  Psalm 6:10

  3. The decision to be generous with what you have comes down to a matter of choice.

  2.  If you have a pulse…you have a purpose…never let anyone tell you differently.

 # 1 Rich Thoughts Nugget you selected is:

  1.  “A bad attitude is like a flat tire, you can’t go anywhere until you change it.” (Unknown)  Eph 4:23 AMP

Top 10 - Taking Success Seriously

Written by Harold Herring. Posted in Top 10's

10.  A good dose of the Holy Ghost will keep you transformed instead of conformed to this world and its natural reactions to adversity.

  9.  Never ever get discouraged when you don’t see the immediate manifestation of God’s promises to you.

  8.  Loving God is not working to please God, but resting in His love and allowing Him to work through us.

  7.  If you messed up…if you need a pick me up…two suggestions.  First, encourage yourself in the Lord and second, laugh.

  6.  Regardless of your circumstances or the balance in your checking account never question or waver from God’s desire for you to prosper.

Here are the Top 5 Rich Thoughts Nuggets of the week.

  5. You may have been traveling through enemy territory but God is going to bring you into a place where you will LACK FOR NOTHING.

  4. God’s desire is for us to walk by faith not by what we perceive with our natural abilities or mind.  (2 Corinthians 5:7)      

  3. Your promotion comes from the Lord.  He gives you the power and favor for advancement in everything you do.

  2.  The measure of who we are as a person is determined not only by our actions but also by our reactions to adversity or hostility.

  # 1 Rich Thoughts Nugget you selected is: 

  1.  If you’re serious about your success…what did you listen to during your commute today?  Did it feed your faith or your flesh?

Top 10 - Focusing On Obedience And Faith

Written by Harold Herring. Posted in Top 10's

10.  When you focus on the hurts of the past…you’re stealing time from your future.

  9.  The joy of the Lord gives us the ability to look beyond today’s circumstances to a better tomorrow…based on His promises.

  8.  You will never possess what you criticize and condemn.

  7.  If God wanted you to live a life of poverty and lack…He would not have made you in His image and after His likeness.

  6.  Faith finds a way to enter when it seems all the doors are closed.

Here are the Top 5 Rich Thoughts Nuggets of the week.

  5. When you change how you think and what you speak, then you will never have to worry about saying things you shouldn’t.

  4. Just felt led of the Lord to give you a word He wants you to become familiar with.  SURPLUS.  Confess this.  I’m living in SURPLUS.   

  3. God won’t worry us about money…He can’t because it would contradict His Word where He tells us to not worry about anything.

  2.  Wealth has as much to do with obedience to God as it does with math.

 # 1 Rich Thoughts Nugget you selected is:

  1.  If you’re comfortable where you are…you’ll never discover where you could be.

Top 10 - Overcoming Current Conditions

Written by Harold Herring. Posted in Top 10's

10.  You are becoming what you imagine yourself to be.

  9.If you refuse to allow fear or doubt to enter your thought life. . .you’re ready for a miracle. Meditate on 2 Timothy 1:7.

  8.  Confess this "I can do more than I think I can because I have the mind of Christ which is functioning fully and freely within me"

  7.  If you don’t give up. . .failure is nothing more than the opportunity to learn a new way to do something.

  6.  You have the God-given ability to perform at a level you never previously thought possible.

Here are the Top 5 Rich Thoughts Nuggets of the week.

  5. When you mess up. . .if you don't step up. . .you'll never move up. . .instead you'll go down in failure and disappointment.

  4. Your current economic conditions have nothing to do with your potential for fulfilling your divine destiny...but God does.      

  3. God is more interested in where you're going. . .than where you've been. Your focus should be front and centered.  Phil 3:13.

  2.  I'm praying for you to think like you've never thought. Do what you've never what you've never been all for His glory.

 # 1 Rich Thoughts Nugget you selected is:

  1.  You can’t control what other people say, think or do. . .but you are in complete control of your own mind, mouth and destiny.